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TODAY HOROSCOPE - 8 April 2018

TODAY HOROSCOPE - 8 April 2018

TODAY HOROSCOPE - 8 April 2018 by GD Vashist

Aries:- You will need to stay a little alert related to fire or electricity otherwise with these some kind of harm-loss can be caused to you. You will come forward in helping the others. You will get support of friends and happiness from all sides. But bear in mind that conditions of shortage-lack in your honor-respect are there. Your auspicious color is yellow and auspicious number is 9. Today, using of bronze utensils for eating-drinking will be auspicious for you.

Taurus:- Your health will remain good. You will benefit from foreign relations-contacts. Students will feel like studying today. A Manglik-religious program can be held at home-in family or at some friend-relative’s place, with which a happy atmosphere at home will remain. At this time, good relations with new people will be achieved. Today, do not wear red colored clothes.

Gemini:- Faith in God will remain, will do religion related work. May get to see ups and downs in the health condition of some member of family, due to which your excessive expenses can happen. Due to coming of negative thoughts in your mind, your mind will be distracted-attracted to wrong works. A dispute with someone is possible. Be cautious about red color.         

Cancer:- Today, you will get every possible support from your luck-fate and will receive auspicious-good news from all sides. By listening-obeying the elders, will get auspicious rewards-fruits. Health in general will remain good. However, bear in mind that there can be a dispute-difference with someone. Keep your head covered with white cloth or a turban, it will be auspicious for you. Your auspicious color is white.

Leo:-  Your destiny-luck will remain. You will achieve success in all works-tasks. Plans prepared for work will be successful. At home-in family or in relations, some kind of religious work can happen. Today, avoid alcohol and non vegetarian food. Today, do not sign on any paper or document without reading it. Your auspicious number is 5.

Virgo:- Today, by using your ability and intelligence, will achieve success in the field of education. You can achieve good success in your work. A good time will be spent with family. You can get health related problems. Separation from spouse can happen. For those who work in partnership, today is not an auspicious day. Your auspicious color is yellow.

Libra:- Condition of happiness from the side of family will remain. Family happiness will remain good. Today you will do some work that will enhance the family’s name-honor-reputation. At this time, incoming plenty of auspicious-good news will remain. It is important for you to remain cautious towards health. Faith in God will remain. Your auspicious color is green.

Scorpio:- You will get honor-respect. You can think of doing-starting new works-tasks, in which will remain successful. You will get all possible support of luck-fate. Will receive plenty of auspicious-good news. You will also get family happiness at best level. Will get to see new interest and energy-activeness in the mind. Your auspicious number is 5.  

Sagittarius:- Your health will generally remain good. A good time will be spent with members of family. A happy atmosphere will remain at your home-in family. You need to take special care-attention-caution towards health. Laziness in body will remain. Because of being excessively soft hearted, other people can take advantage of you. Today, avoid alcohol and non-vegetarian food.

Capricorn:- Students may get to face shortage-lack in the field of education. You or with some member of family, may get to face decrease-decline in health. By worshiping of God, you will get mental peace and will also get support of luck-fate. Will get support from mother and will benefit from the home’s elderly. Drinking water at the time of going out of home, will be beneficial.  

Aquarius:- It is important for you to remain cautious towards health. Excess laziness will remain in body. Will get to see stubbornness in your nature-behavior. Today, you may meet some old friend. Keep control over your anger otherwise may have to bear loss-damage. Students will achieve success in the area of education. Your auspicious color is yellow.   


Pisces:- Today, you will get opportunity to travel-roam around, with which you will get a lot of entertainment-fun. A good time will be spent with family and will get all possible support from members of family. Will get success in education-studies. Mind will be interested in religious works. Can get to see stubbornness in health. Keep away from mixed colors. 

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