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TODAY HOROSCOPE - 3 december 2018

TODAY  HOROSCOPE  - 3 december 2018

TODAY  HOROSCOPE  - 3 december 2018

Aries:- The day today will be auspiciously fruitful. Today, you will remain healthy from physical point of view. Will experience mental happiness. More time will be spent with the family and the near close ones. 

Taurus:- In the social life, you will be able to achieve success and fame-recognition. There are conditions of getting good news from abroad or from a remote-distanced place. Sweetness will be seen in the paternity life. Will get happiness in married life. There be benefit of accidental wealth acquisition.  

Gemini:- Will get support of friends and will get success in every way in work and its functioning, and in the area of education. A peaceful and happy atmosphere will remain at home. Pleasant contacts will be made. There will be spending but it will not be wasteful. There is possibility of economic-financial benefit. Health will remain good.  

Cancer:- Will achieve fame-recognition in work. Will get to meet female friends. The paused-blocked works will be completed. There will be excess level of anger. Make effort to avoid fierceness in vain. otherwise the work can get harmed-spoilt. 

Leo:- Will get support-cooperation from colleagues, co-workers. There will be victory over competitors; along with it do not do any exchange of wealth, along with it, there can be financial difficulties.  

Virgo:- Today is a day for you to keep a bit of caution. Physical and mental health can get spoilt. It is not an appropriate day to start any new work.  

Libra:- Mental disturbance and discomfort will remain in your mind. Frustration will remain. You will remain troubled from pain in stomach, or menstrual type of ailments. There will be accidental spending. 

Scorpio:- The loved ones can be hurt in the heart or no talking condition can happen. Take special care that excessive physical desire does not become cause of disloyalty. If possible, avoid tour-travel.

Sagittarius:- There will be conflict in the mind, due to which you will remain disturbed mentally. Keep a control over speech-talk otherwise there can be conflict. Take care of your health. Today, there will be excessive spending. 

Capricorn:- Defamation-insult can happen therefore remain cautious. Remove misunderstandings, with which will get peace of mind. it is advised to participate in any work with thinking-understanding about it. Time will be spent well with companions.     

Aquarius:- You will soften in emotional relationships. There will be meeting with friends and relatives. Will get benefit from brother-sisters. You will be able to face competitors. Will get accomplishment in esoteric-deep knowledge and spiritual things.  

Pisces:- To start new works, it is not beneficial for you. Today, keep relations formal otherwise there is possibility of conflict. Possibly, leave stubbornness in behavior.  


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