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TODAY HOROSCOPE -28 September 2018

TODAY  HOROSCOPE -28 September 2018

TODAY  HOROSCOPE -28 September 2018

Aries:- Today, any kind of cloth related work will give auspicious reward-fruit. Today, good conditions will be created related to work and its functioning. Today, a happy atmosphere will be created at home. Will meet some acquainted person. The auspicious number for today is 33. To make today a good day, offer gud-jaggery to cow. Today, do not donate water to anyone. 

Taurus:- Today, will have the fortune of the support of friends. Today, making some kind of big transaction will give best result. Will get best result of hard work. Today, there will be some kind of sudden benefit. Can get jewelry as a gift. The auspicious number for today is 41. Today offer muli-radish in some temple. Today, do not wear any necklace-garland-beads in the neck. 

Gemini:- Today is a good for business. Today, making travel will give you auspicious reward-fruit. Today, to start some new work can become a challenge for you. Today there will be benefit from milk giving animals. The auspicious number for today is 10. Offer milk and flowers on Shiva Linga in any temple. Today, do not use-wear black and blue colored cloth-clothes.   

Cancer:- Today is a good day for every class. For training in education to students will give good reward-fruit. Today, wishes of the mind will be fulfilled as desired. Today, some kind of physical pain can happen. Mother’s health will get bad. The auspicious number for today is 11. Today, perform Puja, prayer to Lord Ganpati. Today, do not use green and badami-almond colored colors in your surroundings. 

Leo:- Today, some kind of blocked work will be completed. Today, will get benefit from Uncle, mother’s brother and family, and there will be a long travel that will be beneficial for you. Today, will get best happiness of wife. Today will be more beneficial day related to business. The auspicious number for today is 31. Today, recite Aditya Stroot lesson, to the Sun. 

Virgo:- At this time, you will get some good support from somewhere, that will bring work and its functioning in best condition. Can get some kind of false allegation. You should start any new work after taking advice from someone then it will be best. The auspicious number for today is 66. Today, worship girl. Today, do not make false promise to anyone.     

Libra:- A good time will be spent with the family. There may be obstacles in work and its functioning. Suddenly, some member of family’s health can get spoilt. Mental stress-anxiety will increase.  

Scorpio:-  In the day today, even the neighbor will support you more than the brother. Today, gardening and work in the fields-farms will give suitable benefit. Water travel is not at all a good day today for you. Today, construction work of house will give best reward-fruit. The auspicious number for today is 45. Today, donate coconut with water in it in some temple. Today, do not use in any way any green and blue and red colors in surroundings.  

Sagittarius:- Today, some fight or the other will happen related to in-laws family side. Today, some kind of blocked work will be completed. The support of mother will spruce up, complete all the work. The auspicious number for today is 71. Today, offer rose or marigold flowers in any temple. With the blessings of Lord Shiva God, the work will be best. Today, do not use red color.    

Capricorn:- Today, it will be a medium factor beneficial day. Today, keeping anyone’s belongings in inheritance way will not be good. Today, will shape every work-task in the best way. Today, will get good support of Uncle-father’s younger brother, that will be rewarding-fruitful. The auspicious number for today is 23. Today, using the red color will give great results. Today, do not forget not to travel in the east direction.   

Aquarius:- Today is a great day for those people in iron and machinery works, business. Today, you will have wealth benefit. Any kind of work that you do will turn-give benefit gold like. Today, sisters have the Rajyog factor. The auspicious number for today is 19. Today, go and keep 5 lemons in some temple. Today, do not buy any leather products-goods.      

Pisces:- Today is a great day in every way. Today, can have some wealth benefit. Today, farmers will have benefit. Some kind of travel will give you good reward-fruit. Today, will get good support of friends. Worry can be created related to your health. The auspicious number for today is 77. Today, donate-offer blanket to anyone. Today, do not wear yellow colored clothes, and do not consume yellow colored food.


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