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TODAY HOROSCOPE - 24 May 2018 by GD Vashist

Aries:- Today, religious works through you are possible. Will get plenty of support from the elderly which will also benefit you. Related to studies also, you will get success and luck-fate will also be supportive for you in all ways. Travel-trips made today will prove to be beneficial for you.  

Taurus:- Today, you will wisely utilize your intelligence and ability. It is the right time to make use of the plans made through you, due to which your work will be able to get a new direction. You will have to face lack related to health. Your influence-impact on others will remain good.   

Gemini:- Today, the decisions according to your intelligence and ability that you take, will have a good effect on your work. Can get to see some lack in your health. Related to life partner also, problem can come. At this time, do not take any step without thinking, as condition of getting cheated is there.

Cancer:- The getting of cooperation from the Government can give you good result. Your own luck-fate will work in every way to achieve your work. You will get to face eyes related problems, and can have a bad effect on your father’s health.  

Leo:- Today, you will remain self sufficient and with the blessings of God will complete every work-task easily. You will give shape to work with energy-cleverness due to which even your opponents will remain away from you. Be cautious about health.

Virgo:- Along with life partner, will also get to see influence on your own health. Blockages can arise in the work about to be completed, at this time it is important to be cautious about the clever people, avoid them. You will remain worried about father’s health and towards child. Avoid black color

Libra:- Today, some type of worry-difficulty will be surrounded around you. The opposite-opponent Group will also trouble you in every way. The negative thoughts going on in the mind will have a bad effect-impact on work. Some kind of allegations can be put on you. Do not get carried away in the talks of anyone and do any work, and do not interfere in any way. 

Scorpio:- Today, you will be able to do every type of work on the basis-merit of your courage and self-force. You will also benefit from brothers and friends. The day can be quite full of hard work but will definitely get good-auspicious result of the hard work done.  There will be lack in the relationship with mother and wealth harm can happen.

Sagittarius:- Today, you will not be able to get complete support from luck-fate. In behavior also, the level of anger will keep you in trouble in every way, due to which will also get to see quite a lot of loss at work.  Take control of your nature-temperament.

Capricorn:- Today will remain a very lucky-fateful day for you. Will get success in studies and work. With your own ability and intelligence, you will be able to do every possible work-task easily. Will also get good family happiness.  

Aquarius:- Any type of unpleasant incident can put you in opposite situation-circumstance. Conditions remain for some kind of injury to happen. Conditions of lack of happiness from friends and brothers remain. You will also get to see lack of happiness and wealth harm at this time. 

Pisces:- Today will remain a lazy day for you but with energy-cleverness you will shape-complete your work. Mentally you will remain disturbed-upset to an extent. Will get to see excess of irritability, anger and  fury in behavior-temperament. 

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