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TODAY HOROSCOPE - 24 December 2017

TODAY HOROSCOPE - 24  December 2017

Aries:- Today, according to the hard work put in, will you accordingly get result in the field of education-competition. There will be sweetness in your talk. Be cautious about health. Family-household happiness will be there. By getting into others’ affairs-matters, you can invite trouble for yourself. There can be a possibility of a strong harm-destruction due to association with wrong people. 

Taurus:- You will get an opportunity for long distance travels-trips. Interest at work will continue to remain. There will be no dearth- no shortage of family-household happiness. You will get to see increase in honor-respect in society. There will be a desire to know about some new object. You can get a bit worried related to health.

Gemini:- The impact of your sweet talk on others will remain at top and your reputation will increase. You will get good news and you will get respect in society. Work will remain good. Through another person, there can be breach of trust –betrayal. Anger may be found in behavior.

Cancer:- You will get respect-honor in society. You will keep belief in God and help others. There can be Manglik-religious program that can be held at home-in family or at some friend-relatives place. You may establish good relations with people. Someone at home’s health can get spoilt. Worries can increase in view of wealth related matter.

Leo:- You will see rise in your brain power. Getting of family happiness and support will be good. There will be plenty of good return-reward for you. Your sweet talk will have a good influence on others. Health will remain very good. Family and friends circle will help in all possible ways. Suddenly, some type of worry at home-in family can be become a burden-headache.

Virgo:- There is possibility of work related travel-trips. Can get an opportunity to be present in a Manglik-religious program. Getting of family happiness and support will be good. A good time will be spent with friends. There is a possibility of someone at home’s health getting spoilt. Extensive expenses of wealth-money will be there. There can be conflict in brotherhood. Unnecessary allegation and counter blame can be put.

Libra:- Attraction towards religious works can rise. Engagement with work will continue to remain. Keep control over speech-what you speak. Health can get spoilt. You will not feel like studying whole heartedly completely. There can be a dispute-difference of opinion with someone in family.

Scorpio:- A good time will be spent with family. The sense and sentiment towards noble Leaders, elderly and old persons honor and respect will increase. Rise in self confidence. Work will remain good. Outside home, there can be a dispute with someone. Be cautious about health.  Keep control over anger.

Sagittarius:- There is a possibility of getting a good news. Happy enjoyable atmosphere will remain at home. Several relatives will come and go - visits will be there. Wealth will be spent highly. Engagement with work will increase. There will be travel-trips. You will experience body exhaustion-tiredness. An unnecessary-without reason dispute with someone will happen. Negative thoughts will arise in the mind.

Capricorn:- Will get good happiness from family. You will see new interest and enthusiasm in mind. Work will be fine. A plan can be made for a new work. Good support will be there from friends. Due to some reason, negative thoughts can arise in the mind. Control over anger is necessary-important.

Aquarius:- There will be travel-trips due to/through you. Sweetness will remain in your voice-talk. The desire to know about a new item-object in your mind will arise.  Sudden wealth will be realized-received. Will get honor-respect in society. There can be a dispute with someone.

Pisces:- Mind will remain happy. There will be long distance travel-trips. Elderly and older person’s blessings will be good for you. There can be some Manglik-religious program that can be organized. There can be a dispute with friends. Due to occurring of an untoward-unexpected happening-incident, mental anxiety will increase.

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