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TODAY HOROSCOPE - 22 March 2018

TODAY HOROSCOPE - 22 March 2018

TODAY HOROSCOPE - 22 March 2018 By G D Vashist

Aries:- Today, whatever work that you do, will do whole heartedly. At home, wealth or health related problems can come. Mental stress can occur. Keep softness in nature.

Taurus:- Today, you will get support of friends. There can be travel-trips. Level of laziness will remain in body, you will not feel like completely concentrating in studies. There will also be dullness in household life.

Gemini:- Will get as desired result at work and it’s functioning. Life partner may have problems related to health. In education etc, there can be disappointing results. 

Cancer:- Work and its functioning will remain good. Mind will remain happy. Will spend good time with friends and family, there can be travel-trips. Remain cautious in the trips-travel.

Leo:- Can get success with the help of someone at work – workplace. Today, will remain uninterested in studies. May get to see fluctuation in health.

Virgo:- Today, you will be the leader in respecting the elders. Will get good-auspicious rewards-results at work and it’s functioning. Negligence done towards health will prove to be painful.

Libra:- There will be benefit at work and it’s functioning. There is a possibility of a Manglik-program that can be held at home-in family. Without reason, may get to face dispute-opposition. Level of anger will increase.  

Scorpio:- Today, luck will support you. Will get success at every work. A good time will be spent with friends. Will carry out responsibilities very well.

Sagittarius:- Possibility of going on a trip with family will remain. New interest-enthusiasm in mind towards work and it’s functioning will remain. Do not be negligent towards health. Cash-money will increase-progress.

Capricorn:- You will get family happiness. Through some known person-acquaintance, there is possibility of getting cheated. Mind will remain disturbed. Anger will increase further.

Aquarius:- You will attempt to learn something new. Will get perfect support from family. Enthusiasm and excitement-energy will remain in mind. A plan can be made to go to some Manglik-religious program.

Pisces:- There can be travel-trips. Can get stuck-trapped in some unnecessary dispute-debate. You or some member of family can get to face health related problems.  

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