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TODAY HOROSCOPE - 22 december 2018

TODAY  HOROSCOPE  - 22  december 2018

TODAY  HOROSCOPE  - 22 december 2018

Aries:- Today, your luck will support you. Worshiping God will be very good for you; will get peace of mind. Your good time will be spent with family. Today, you will use your ability and intelligence. 

Taurus:- Today, some problem-defect can be created in health. Three will be change in your behavior, which will be very good for your work and its functioning, but there will not be much income to you. Today, you will get to see a new enthusiasm-energy in you. Today is very good for your mother and sister.      

Gemini:- Today, will get best reward-fruit in the field of education, and you will achieve success. Today, good thoughts will come to the mind, and the grace of God will remain on you. Today is a good day for father.  

Cancer:- Today will remain best in every way. Today, you will get plenty of auspicious news. Like Sun, will get to see energy in you. Today, stomach will remain in problem. Today, will get support from friends, and there will be progress-development in work. 

Leo:- Will get help from brother-sisters. Today, it is possible that you can get mind turning illness. Do not give your opinion on someone’s issue-topic, otherwise you can get stuck, into trouble; along with it your old disputes can stand again, therefore, keep a control over your anger.     

Virgo:- Today, will get to see spoiling in mother’s health, and along with it, mind will not be able to completely focus on work. You will feel-experience bonding in emotions. There will be increase in level of pleasure due to completion of work in the day. Today, you will not remain in condition in taking any kind of decision.  

Libra:- You will get financial-economic benefit. You can get progress, promoted in job. For today, the day will pass-by well. Today you will get benefit in various works of yours. There will be mixing around, meeting with friends.  There will be increase in income for the business class. Will get support of female friends. 

Scorpio:- Today, keep control over your behavior. Respect the value of partner. Have a good behavior with others. Today, you can get success in career. You will get reward-fruit on the work done earlier; you will remain happy in this success.    

Sagittarius:- Will get support of the family members. Will get support of father. Your work will be appreciated in the social sector. You will remain busy in the office work. Today, can go out, roaming around with the life partner. Today, there will be benefit-profit in business. Today, take caution in transactions. 

Capricorn:- Today, you will be able to complete your thought-plan about work. You will complete-fulfill your goal. You will be able to complete your work. Will get opportunities to progress in work. Today, maintain caution, be careful. Old Yog, disease can bother again.  

Aquarius:- Today, avoid starting new work. You should keep control over your speech-talk. There is possibility to have conflict with someone. Today, avoid getting into argument. Can get benefit-profit in your business. Related to work, may have to go on travel. Today, you can get injury. You should remain careful.  

Pisces:- There is possibility to meet with friends. Make efforts to have control over speech-talk. Interruption can come in academic works. Coordination-rapport will remain between husband-wife. There will be spending on family works. You may get trouble in stomach. 


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