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TODAY HOROSCOPE -21 September 2018

TODAY  HOROSCOPE -21 September 2018

TODAY  HOROSCOPE -21 September 2018

Aries:- Can get benefit of ancestral property today. Support of the old-elderly will remain with you. By doing some religious work, can get peace of mind. You luck will support you in every way, good relations will be established with brothers and friends. Plenty of incoming auspicious news will continue to remain. For today, your auspicious number is 36. Today, donate some iron forceps-chimta to a Sadhu-Sage.   

Taurus: - According to hard work, will get success in the field of education-competition. A good time will be spent with family. There can be health related issue with someone at home-in family. Excessive expenses will be there.

Gemini:- Family happiness will continue to remain good. It is a good time to make some kind of plan or to do some kind of works. Good coordination-rapport will be maintained with the life partner. Money earned through tricking can put you in troubles-problems. Keep control over anger. Will get good child happiness. For today, your auspicious number is 75. Today, gift coconut in the temple. Today, do not make purchase of any kind of leather item-product. 

Cancer:- There is a need to keep control over your desire strength-vigor. Negative thoughts going on inside the mind can bring you harm, also with health, it can bring you problem. You will be able to use intelligence and ability in the right way. A good time will be spent with members of the family. For today, your auspicious number is 14. Today, offer dūrvā-cynodon dactylon (scutch grass) and Ladoo-sweets in the Lord Ganesh temple. Today, do not buy any kind of elephant print items, and if there is any at home, then remove it.

Leo:- Will come forward as a responsible person. It is a good time to use the plans made through you. There can be obstacles-adversities in any type of work. Feeling of anger in the mind can be created and negative thoughts can be made. For today, your auspicious number is 15. Today, donate any kind of sweet item among the poor, then the day will remain great. Keep distance from any kind of source of today.    

Virgo:-  Problems related to wealth will be surrounded around you at this time, due to which negative thoughts can take you towards wrong works. Problems can come to the health of child and the life partner. There will also be lack in coordination with members of family. For today, your auspicious number is 8. Today, do not take anything that is given for free by anyone. Keep a piece of round black glass with you today.

Libra:- Can get happy news from mother or from mother’s family side. Lack-deficiency in studies will also remain, and no work will be able to be completed totally. There is possibility of change in your behavior due to which harm to prosperity in the family can come. There can be separation with father. For today, your auspicious number is 48. Keep a piece of round black glass with you today. Today, do not travel in a red colored vehicle.

Scorpio:- Today, you will not be able to get complete support of luck due to which will get to face disappointing circumstances. Due to your behavior and anger, may get to bear quite a lot of harm, due to which there will be loss to you. Some kind of allegation can be put on you. In travel-trips also, will not get much benefit. For today, your auspicious number is 17. Today, take five peepal tree leaves, tie with red thread, and hang it at the home’s door, at entrance. Today, avoid black blue color. 

Sagittarius:- Today, will not be able to get full support of luck, due to which some kind of lack-shortage can get to be faced. With family also, ideological differences can start, and health related problem with some member of the family can put you in worry. For today, your auspicious number is 6. Today, donate green fresh lentils-pulses of coriander, bean, moong dal. Today, avoid wearing red colored clothes. 

Capricorn:- You will come in help as a responsible person. Blessings of the senior-elderly will continue to remain on you, due to which will get to see good impact on luck. Will get benefit in work and its functioning. In legal proceedings also, chances of success will be there. For today, your auspicious number is 7. Today, yellow color will give auspicious reward-fruit for you. Today, do not donate any liquid substance.     

Aquarius:- There is a need to remain careful-cautious about vehicle. There is possibility of an untoward incident to happen. As much time as you spend with the family, it will be that much better for you. Keep control over anger otherwise there can be conflict with someone. For today, your auspicious number is 86. Today, keep a piece of square silver with you. Today, do not wear almond colored and chequered clothes.    

Pisces:- Today, can get to see lack in health condition with you or with father. It will be difficult for students to concentrate-focus mind in studies. For today, your auspicious number Is 3. Today, avoid black and black-white mixed colors. Do not take-borrow money from anyone, also do not make any false promise to anyone. 


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