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TODAY HOROSCOPE - 17 December 2017

TODAY HOROSCOPE - 17  December 2017

Aries:- Due to sweetness in talk, you will make a positive-influential impact on others. A good time will be spent with friends and colleagues. You will get opportunity to travel-for trips. There can be dispute in brotherhood. With getting involved in others’ affairs, you will invite trouble for yourself. There is a possibility of destruction due to wrong company-association. 

Taurus:- There will be rise in your intellectual strength-power. There will be inclination-bent towards religious work. Members of family will get auspicious rewards. Opportunities to travel-trips will be there. A strange fear will remain in mind related to work. Health will get bad. Problems related to stomach can happen. Some type of worry can bring tension mentally. 

Gemini:- There will be success at work and happiness  from vehicle will be there. Top-best support from good luck-fate. A good time will be spent with friends. There will be difficulties in getting education. You will feel laziness in mind.  There can be problem-trouble from opponents-enemies. Someone in family can face a health related problem. 

Cancer:- Today, you can think of doing something new. You will witness new energy generation in body. Several opportunities will be there for entertaining travel. Faith in God will continue to remain. There is a possibility of an untoward incident happening with you or with someone at home-in family. Mental anxiety will increase.

Leo:- You will remain inclined-bent towards religious works. Good chances of getting happy news will remain. There is possibility of good auspicious work happening at home-in family. Guests will continue to visit - come and go. Friendship with new people will happen.   You can have to face failure in the field of education-competition. Someone in family’s health will remain bad. There will be ideological differences with someone.

Virgo:- Will get good rewards-fruits. Mind will remain happy. You will be bent towards activities in work and religion. Happiness and support from the side of family will remain good. You will do work in the interest of others. Due to your capability and intelligence, you will get good results in the field of education. Work will remain stable.

Libra:- You will remain forward in respecting and honoring the persons elder to you and respectful gentle-honorable persons. Be cautious towards health. Chances of someone in family getting hurt-injury are there. Worries will rise. Mental anxiety will increase. Today will be a mixed-average day. 

Scorpio:- There will be entertaining travel-trips. There can be new friendship. You interest will remain towards religious work. Someone in family will keep getting health related problems. Opponents-enemies will attempt to harm-harass. Fire or some weapon can bring harm to you, so little caution needs to be maintained. 

Sagittarius:- There is a possibility of a sudden wealth gain. A plan can be made to visit some relative. Friends will extend good support. There can be a dispute with some member of family, there can be rise in your attraction towards wrong  company-association. Be cautious about health.

Capricorn:- Today, there will be opportunities for travel-trips. Mind will remain happy. Good rewards-fruits will be received. There can be a Manglik-religious program at home-in family. There will be rise in mind honor- esteem-prestige. Work will be mixed-average. There can be problem related to health. A dispute with someone can become reason for trouble-tension. Through you, unwanted-abusive language can be used.

Aquarius:- There will be rise in interest in religious work. New friends will be made at work. A good time will be spent with family. There can be a Manglik-religious program in family on which extra money will be spent. There will be stressful circumstances in household life. Mental stress will increase.

Pisces:- There will be opportunities to travel long distances. Your mind will be inquisitive- in desire to know about new-latest object-item. You will establish warm relationship with new people. You will see increase of honor and respect. There can be ideological differences with some member of family. Keep control over anger.

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