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TODAY HOROSCOPE -17 August 2018

TODAY HOROSCOPE -17 August 2018

TODAY HOROSCOPE -17 August 2018

Aries:- Today, your work will be completely comfortably, easily. There will be increase in honor-respect. You will gain prestige-honor in the social area. You can also get the hope of success in court cases. Regarding health, there can be deliverance. Take special care of your behavior and health. 

Taurus:- Can get worried related to health. It is a medium time for students. Stay away from negative thoughts. At the time of making some decision, can experience dilemma, it will be better to avoid it. You can get to see the condition of lack of family happiness. 

Gemini:- Chance of conflict in the family can come. Will stay in worry-dilemma mentally. Can have conflict in the mind. Do not take any important decision at this time. Misunderstandings or debates can happen with someone. Work carefully in the matters of the court.  

Cancer:- It is a day full of mental disturbance and problems. There will be a situation of indecision due to rapidly changing views, so will not be able to take concrete decisions. Questions of children will put in confusion. There is a possibility of suffering from stomach related problem, work failure will create frustration and there will be accidental spending of money.

Leo:- There is a possibility of health getting spoilt. There can be mental disorder and harm of money-wealth. Problems can come in job. Give special attention to members of family. The blocked path on the economic programs will seem to be paved, but at the end all will be right.

Virgo:- The sweetness in speech will make an impact on many people, there will be benefit from it. Today, you will get satisfactory result of your hard work. Will have to move forward carefully in work. Fear will remain to accomplish any task-work. 

Libra:- Today, your anger can increase, due to which change in your nature-behavior will be seen. Stay away from controversy and conflict. Take special care towards mother’s health. There is possibility of accidental expenditure. It is a good time for students. There can be problem in the stomach.

Scorpio:- Today, you can be a victim of an accident, due to which there is a possibility for you to have an injury. Level of anger can increase, due to which will get to see change in behavior. Home atmosphere will remain bad due to unnecessary clash-conflict in the family. 

Sagittarius:- With the thought of getting more in less time you can get stuck, bear this in mind. Take care of mother’s health. Do not make any decisions in the case of permanent property-asset today. Mental and physical disorder will remain. May have to bear harm to honor-respect. Will get mixed result with the members of family. 

Capricorn:- Today, through you some religious work can be done, due to which you will have benefit. Today, your health can be somewhat warm. Take caution about health. Today can pass by in physical and mental worry. After hard work, not getting satisfactory success mind may get feeling of frustration. Keep in mind not to have differences with members of family. 

Aquarius:- Today, you can get worried related to children and your health. Due to rapid thoughts in the mind it can disturb mental stability. The new work started today  can remain incomplete. There can be differences with the life partner. Problems can come in job. Family happiness will not remain so special. 

Pisces:- Today, you will get to see a glimpse of seriousness and concentration in your nature. Will get good family happiness. False allegations can put on you. Your family members will be troubled due to health related problems. Today, conflicts can arise with the members of your family.  



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