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TODAY HOROSCOPE - 16 April 2018

TODAY HOROSCOPE - 16 April 2018

TODAY HOROSCOPE - 16 April 2018 by GD Vashist

Aries:- It is important for you to remain alert in the work area, conditions of some unpleasant incident to happen are there. You will get support from your friends. Serving the elderly will give good-auspicious rewards-fruits. Today, your auspicious color will be red. 

Taurus:- A new plan will be made in your mind, in which there will be success also. In the matter of health also, today is quite a good day. Today, you may get to face problems related to stomach. Be careful of friends, may suffer some kind of loss. 

Gemini:- In family, there is possibility of someone’s health getting bad-spoilt. And possibly differences may come up with life partner. Do not let negative thoughts come to your mind at any cost otherwise can become a victim of wrong company-association. Conditions of getting success in the area of work are there.       

Cancer:- Today, you will get every possible support from your luck-fate and will get plenty of good news. May have to face problems in family’s health. Keep control over your nature-temperament.

Leo:- Today, you will achieve success in any work that you start. Differences-dispute can happen in brotherhood. There is a need to stay cautious towards health. Serving mother will get auspicious good rewards-fruits.

Virgo:- For students, it is quite a good day. Will get the desired results-fruits in competitions. Today, you will actively participate in new works-tasks. A happy atmosphere will remain at home-in family.

Libra:- Will get happiness from family fully, mind will be interested in religious works. With worshiping of God, luck-fate will support completely. When stepping out of home, importantly take mother’s blessings. 

Scorpio:- Will get to face obstacles-problems in the work area, because of which nature will remain irritated. Today, may meet some acquainted person after a very long time. It is important to remain alert related to health. Your auspicious color is red.

Sagittarius:- Today, it is important for you to be careful about your health, will not get the desired result in the area of work. Definitely do not consume alcohol – non vegetarian otherwise you may get to face loss-harm.

Capricorn:- For students, it is not a good day, except for studies, mind will be more interested in games-sports. Those in jobs, can get a chance to move forward-progress today. Today, your auspicious color will be white.

Aquarius:- Today, there will be rise in laziness in body, keep control over your behavior otherwise may get to face loss-harm. May get to see problems in health with some member of family. Today, you may get to face many types of problems.

Pisces:- With the travel-trips made today, it will become means of entertainment-fun for you and money will also be spent. You may stay worried related to mother’s health. Today, your auspicious color will be yellow.

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