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TODAY HOROSCOPE - 15 november 2018

TODAY  HOROSCOPE  - 15 november 2018

TODAY  HOROSCOPE  - 15 november 2018

Aries:- Today, you may get to face stomach related problem; along with it, you can remain worried related to your mother’s health, at this time. Otherwise, the whole day is great.

Taurus:- Today, there can be a conflict with someone on some matter-issue or the other. Today, you will get help in executing-carrying out your responsibilities towards family in a good way; along with it, you will get good support from friends.   

Gemini:- Today, you will complete your work according to your own wish; but this can cost you dear, therefore, whatever work that you do must consult, take advice of  the elders. Today, you may get to face problem at home.

Cancer:- Today, you will spend a good time with your family; in body also, will get to see energy-enthusiasm. At this time, you will get benefiting rewards-fruits. Today, will get support from friends. 

Leo:- You can go to any friend-relative’s place for Manglik-religious program. Today is an excellent day in every way, just that at this time your relations with people can get bad. For work and its functioning, the day will remain good. A good time will be spent with family. 

Virgo:- In the day today, will get happiness and support from the side of members of family. Your personality will continue to remain effective. Today, you can have a lack in the getting of happiness from family that can be created. 

Libra:- Today, some Manglik-religious program can be held at your place. In the day today, you or some member of the family may get to face health related problem. At this time, a conflict can arise with someone. 

Scorpio:- There is condition of wealth acquisition and travel-migration. The opponents-enemies will bow their heads in front of you. Will get pleasant results from the court and legal issues-matters. Will keep desires of the worldly pleasures-happiness. Today is an excellent day in every way.  

Sagittarius:- There will be increase in intellectual capacity. Marriage proposal will come for the children. It will be difficult-hard for you to stand-confront against the opponents-enemies. Will take various decisions after giving thorough thought. Your uncle, that is mother’s brother, can be painful for you. 

Capricorn:- Some bad person can betray you. Indigestion and stomach related problem can spoil your health. There is good-favorable condition of investment in the stock market. Will get success in job-business.  

Aquarius:- Closeness will increase in love relations. Will express love in an artistic style-manner. It is a good time to start new relationship. Females will buy cosmetics, beautification items-products. Today, there is possibility of sudden spending. 

Pisces:- Today, you will do well in Bank and finance related work, in a very good way; in the meantime, opponents-enemies can get active. There will be benefit from partnership business. Today, have control over libido, physical desire. Will feel laziness a bit. 


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