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TODAY HOROSCOPE - 12 November 2017

TODAY HOROSCOPE - 12 November 2017

Aries:- Your mind will be interested in knowing about a new object today. You will get a chance/ opportunity to travel a long distance. You will get support from family but you can get into a conflict with someone as well. An adverse event can happen. Keep control over anger. Keep distance and refrain from black color. 

Taurus:- You will spend good time with friends and colleagues. Due to sweetness/warmth in your talk, you will make a positive impact on others. You will get an opportunity for trips/ travel. Avoid blue color. Brotherhood relationship can have differences/ disturbance. Association with wrong people can become a reason for harm/threat.

Gemini:- There is a possibility of you participating in a Manglik / religious program. You will get success at work and satisfaction/happiness from a vehicle. You will benefit from hard work and luck. You will spend good time with friends today. Attaining knowledge/ education will be a struggle/challenge. Laziness in body. You can get tension from opponents/rivalry. A family member will face a health issue.

Cancer:- Your intellectual intelligence will increase. You will be bent towards religious activity. You will get opportunity to travel. You can have a stomach related health problem. There will be a strange uncomfortable fear in your mind. Some kind of anxiety can cause mental disturbance.

Leo:- Today will be a good day for you. You can get an opportunity to travel. Your mind will be happy. There can be a Manglik / religious program at home-in family. There will be an increase in pride/ prestige and honor. Your work will be average/ mixed. There may be health related problem. Keep watch/ control over what you speak.

Virgo:-Today, you will have interest in new work. You will witness a new level of energy in body. You will get many chances for an entertaining travel. Progress at work. Wealth level/balance will remain good. Stay away from arguments.

Libra:- Today, a good work can happen at home, in family. Many guests will arrive/ come and go. You will be inclined towards a religious activity/ work. Good news will continue. Friendship with new people will develop. A family member will have a health problem. There will be an ideological argument/ tussle with someone.  In the field of education or exam, you could face a challenge/ difficulty.

Scorpio:- You will get happiness and support from your family’s side. Good rewards/ fruits will be attained. You will be bent towards doing religious and work related tasks. You will work in the welfare and benefit of others. Based on your capability, caliber and intelligence, you will get positive results in the field of education.

Sagittarius:- You will have interest towards religious activity. You will achieve friendship with new people. You will have an entertaining trip/ travel. You can get betrayal from an outside person. A family member can face a health related problem. An opponent/rival can attempt to harass you. An adverse event can happen with you, so be careful.

Capricon:- Your mind will be attracted towards a religious work. You will make new friends at work. You will spend good time with your family. Today, a family member’s health will remain bad, towards which you will incur an expense. There will be stressful circumstances in the household life. Mental stress will increase.

Aquarius:- You will get good support from friends. You will likely get sudden wealth / monetary benefit. A plan will be made to visit a relative’s home. You can get into an argument with a family member, and you can be attracted to wrong company. Be cautious about your health. Avoid blue color.

Pisces:- You will lead in honoring and respecting your elderly and noble ones. Keep a watch over your health. There is a possibility of an injury to a family member. Mental anxiety will be there. Today will be a mixed day. Stay clear of black color.


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