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TODAY HOROSCOPE - 1 december 2018

TODAY  HOROSCOPE  - 1 december 2018

TODAY  HOROSCOPE  - 1 december 2018

Aries:- The day today will start pleasantly. Physical and mental temperament will remain good. Do not start new work after noon. Maintain restraint in speech-talk and behavior.

Taurus:- Stay away from anger-hatred and move careful about your opponents-enemies. Take care of health too. Today, your interest will be there in spiritual works.  

Gemini:- Today, will feel-experience attracted towards mysterious subjects-topics. Deep contemplation-meditation will give peace to your mind. For work and its functioning, today is a great day. 

Cancer:- Today is a good day for education, but maintain caution about health. Disease-ailment will remain with some female at home. For work and its functioning, today is a fine day.

Leo:- Desperation-frustration in every way will make you unhealthy-unstable mentally. Due to this reason, from physical point of view, you will experience discomfort. For travel, today is not a good day. Problems attached with land and vehicles will make suffering.   

Virgo:- In the world of entertainment, you will roam around, and your beloved ones will make you feel happy. There will be spending on new clothes and home utility items. Will get honor-respect.  

Libra:- Your day will be spent in intellectual work and discussion. You will connect your imagination and creative power in your work. Be attentive from physical and mind point of view. 

Scorpio:- Today in the day, benefit-advantage in business is in view. A peaceful atmosphere will remain at home. You will stand victorious in front of the opponents and competitors.  

Sagittarius:- Possibility of prospects of profit-gain in business can be seen. A peaceful atmosphere will remain at home. You will be victorious in front of the opponents and competitors. For students, it is a great day in every way.  

Capricorn:- Today, will experience peace and harmony. Will get cooperation-support from friends and will experience physical energy. Excessive thoughts will disturb your mind.  

Aquarius:- Your artistic and creative power-energy will flourish. Will remain healthy physically and mentally. By doing work with mental perseverance-determination, it will make the work easy.    

Pisces:- There will be spending behind entertainment. After midday, your mind will remain in dilemma, due to which it will be difficult to make decision. If possible, avoid conflict with family members. 


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