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TODAY HOROSCOPE - 1 April 2018

TODAY HOROSCOPE - 1 April 2018

TODAY HOROSCOPE - 1 April 2018 By GD Vashist

Aries:- Today, you will need to remain a little cautious towards things related to fire and electricity, otherwise through these you can get some kind of harm. Putting of false allegations on you will remain, but will get to see good support from friends and family members. If you engage yourself in worshiping God then will get mental peace, and at home also a happy atmosphere will remain. Luck-fate will support you in full-completely. Today, color white will remain auspicious for you, so must keep a white handkerchief with you and your auspicious number is 4. 

Taurus:- Today is a good day for your health but will get to see little stubbornness in health. Can get benefit from relatives staying far away and it is possible that you may meet an old friend. Any small incident also can become reason-cause  for future coming of major problems. The possibility of injury remains, remain careful-cautious when stepping out of home. Today, keep caution-avoid red color.

Gemini:- Can get to see ups and downs in behavior-attitude in the nature of some member of your family. Today, there is a necessity to keep a control over your thoughts otherwise you can become a victim of wrong association-company. Will get complete-full support from the side of family. Today may not be a much favorable day for married individuals, a dispute-disturbance type of situation can be created. Today, yellow color is favorable for you and your auspicious number is 9.        

Cancer:- Today, will get plenty of good-auspicious news from all sides. Will get to see new energy-activeness and enthusiasm in the body. Today, luck-fate will extend full support to you. You will come forward in helping others but some member of family’s health related matter can weaken your stars-condition. Keep control over your anger at your work place, otherwise a dispute-difference can arise with someone. Today, avoid yellow color. 

Leo:- Today, your fate-luck will not be able to support you completely, may get to face a lot of problems. But for students doing hard work, will give good rewards-fruits. There can be dispute-differences in brotherhood. With you or with some member of family, may get to see decline in health. True or false allegations can be put on you due to which there can be lack-shortfall in honor-respect. For those in jobs also, the day today is not that good. Today, avoid white and black colors.  

Virgo:- Related to health, today is not at all a good day, related to stomach may get to face any type of problems. Do not make any move by getting into the talks-advice of friends, conditions of getting cheated are there. The day today is not at all a good day to start new work. Students will also face problems in studies. Today in any work, will not get the desired results. Avoid blue color today.  

Libra:- Today, your laziness will cause slowdown at your work. It is a good time for family happiness and keep-bear in mind to take blessings of the elderly, then you will get auspicious rewards-fruits. There is a need to remain slightly cautious. Today you can do some work that can increase honor-respect of your family. Today, it is auspicious for you to wear yellow colored clothes. 

Scorpio:- Thoughts of doing new work can come to your mind and there are full chances-conditions of getting success in those works-tasks. If you want to start any new work, this is the best time, and you can notice the mind’s fastness and quality of speech-communication. Today is also a good day to spend time with family. At any examination, you will be successful. Today, do not donate any water. If you avoid green color, it will be beneficial for you.    

Sagittarius:- The whole day today, your body will remain energetic-active and enthusiastic. Can get the desired results in the area of competition. But keep in mind that conditions of some kind of unpleasant incident are there. There can be disputes-differences on small issues-matters with members of family. Some true or false allegations can be put on you and related to health matter of some member of family can become reason for tension-worry for you. Do not consume non-vegetarian and alcohol today. Strictly avoid green and yellow color. 

Capricorn:- Today, basis your ability and intelligence, will achieve success in your works-tasks. Plenty of good-auspicious news at workplace will also remain. It is a good time to spend time with members of family. But for students, today is not such a good day, will not be able to procure results as hoped. Can get to see health problem with someone in family. To make today a good day, avoid the use of yellow and red colors. For today, the auspicious number for you is 5.   

Aquarius:- Will get to see increase in laziness in body and it is important to remain cautious towards health. Do not let anger overpower you and do not loose patience. Due to your anger you may have to bear damage-loss that is why it is very important to control over anger. Today, can also get opportunity to attend a Manglik-religious program at some relative or friend’s place.  By avoiding blue color will get support of luck-fate. Any stopped work of yours can get completed today.


Pisces:- A plan can be made to go on some travel-trip with family, a good time will be spent with family and home’s atmosphere will also remain happy. Today, luck-fate will fully extend its support to you. Keep a little control over your anger otherwise problems can be created. Today, keep yellow colored handkerchief with you because yellow color is auspicious for you and the auspicious number for you is 9.  

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