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TODAY HOROSCOPE -1 August 2018

TODAY HOROSCOPE -1 August 2018

TODAY HOROSCOPE -1 August 2018

Aries:- The day today will start with happiness-pleasure. Physical and mental health will remain good. Do not start new work after midday. Exercise-observe restraint over speech-talk and behavior. 

Taurus:- Stay away from anger-hatred and move forward carefully with enemies-opponents. Take care of health also. It is a good day to achieve-accomplish spirituality.    

Gemini:- Today, will get the feeling of attraction towards mysterious topics-things. Deep concentration-meditation will give peace to your mind. For work and its functioning, today is an excellent day. 

Cancer:- Today is the right day for education, but be cautious about health. At this time, some female at home will continue to have health related problem. For work, it is a good day.

Leo:- Frustration will make you mentally unstable; due to this reason, you will feel-experience discomfort physically. Today is not a good day for touring-travel. Problems related to land and vehicles will bother. 

Virgo:- You will roam around-travel related to the world of entertainment, and a beloved person will make you feel happy. Money will be spent on new clothes and home utility items. Will get honor-respect.  

Libra:- Your day will be spent in intellectual work and discussion. You will combine-join your imagination and creativity in your work. Be careful about body and the mind. 

Scorpio:- In the day today, possibilities of benefit-profit in business is in view, can be seen. There will be an atmosphere of peace at home. You will be victorious in front of the opponents and competitors.

Sagittarius:- Today, chances of progress at work are very good.  You will have favorability in winning over the opponents and competitors. For students, it is an excellent day. 

Capricorn:- You will experience-feel peace and tranquility. Will get support from friends and will experience physically energy-activeness. Excessive thoughts will make your mind disturbed. 

Aquarius:- Your artistic and creative power will flourish. Will remain healthy mentally and physically. With mental perseverance, it will be easy to finish-complete work.   

Pisces:- There will be expenses on entertainment. After midday, your mind will remain in a state of dilemma-conflict, due to which it will be difficult to make decisions. If possible avoid debates-confrontation with family members.


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