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Yoni Dosh Effect and Remedies in Marriage

What is Yoni Dosha in Marriage

In an auspicious event like marriages,kundali milan is considered to be very important before tying the knot with someone.If the kundali is not matched correctly, a lot of problems can erupt in a marriage.Inspite of all from the main kundali milan, there is also yogi milan and is considered to be a very important criteria before tying the knot with someone.

It is said that for a successful married life, it is important that both husband and wife's yoni should add upto an auspicious yoni. If not, then this can cause a lot of trouble in this marriage. Every living thing in the world belongs to some nakshatra or the other. It is said that there are 28 nakshatras in the world which are further divided into yonis.

These 28 nakshatras translate into 14 yonis, since 2 nakshtaras house 1 yoni each , in case of marriage, the two yonis are matched and only then is the marriage fixed.


Types of Yonis

About the different types of Yonis and their significance -


First Seven Yoni's

• Ashwa 

• Gaja

• Mesh

• Sarpa

• Shwan

• Marjara 

• Mushaka


Remaining Seven Yoni's

• Gau

• Mahisha

• Vyagrah

• Mriga

• Vanara

• Nakul 

• Singha


Effects of Yoni Dosh in marriage

It is said that yonis affect married life in 5 big ways and can be the make or break factor in a marriage.The first one is nature yoni .If adding up the yoni of bride and the groom comes to the nature yoni, then the marriage will be successful.


Friend yoni (Mitr yoni)

If adding up the yonis of the girl and the boy comes to the friend yoni, it means that the marriage will be happy, complete with friendship and understanding


Sad yoni (Udaseen yoni)

It is said that if both the yonis add upto the sad yoni, then the marriage will see a lot of ups and downs --- the marriage might not break, but will require work.


Enemy yoni (Shatru yoni)

If the yonis add upto the enemy yoni, then such a marriage is not considered to be fruitful --- such a marriage should be avoided.


Extreme enemy yoni (Maha Shatru yoni)

Such a marriage leads to disaster --- under no circumstance should such a marriage be encouraged. Now, let us know learn about the importance of astrology in Hindu mythology


Remedies of Yoni Dosha -

The Yoni dosha is considered cancelled if one or more of the following conditions are satisfied:

(1) The Rashi (Moon sign) lord of both the partners should be in a common planet .This happens when both have the same Rashi or the lords are friend to each other.

(2) The navamsha lord of both partners is either a common planet or mutual friends.

(3) There is no Bhakootdosha.


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