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Why Tulsi vivah is known as to fall on Devuthani Ekadashi?

In Hindu Mythology, tulsi is considered to be one of the most significant plants of all in India. Tulsi vivah is observed every year on Ekadashi in the month of Karthik month. According to eternal saying of mythology Tulsi Vivah is observed with Vishnu Avatar called as Shaligram, which is considered very auspicious and sacred amongst all the occasions of fasting. 

Fasting on this particular day is meant to be of equal sacred festival as like of Kanya Daan (giving away of bride). This year the occasion of Tulsi Vivah is falling on 8th November 2019 and it is of vital importance behind the reason of fasting on this day. 

People celebrate the day by keeping fast on this day, enchanting prayers and observing katha for the fast by placing idols of Vishnu Avatar “Shaligram” and Tulsi together.  


The Tulsi Vivah Date & Shubh Muhurat Timings in 2019 [November 08, 2019]


Story behind why we observe Tulsi Vivah :-

There is a mythological story behind the celebration of this festival. Once, there was a demon king named Jalandhar. He was infamous for his evil acts and his success lay in the virtuous character of his beloved wife Brinda. She being the devotee of Lord Vishnu made Jalandhar to have mystical power and immortal which led him to indulge in evil acts. The Gods wanted to put an end to this. So, Lord Vishnu took a form of Jalandhar, went to Brinda and took away her celibacy.

Thereafter, it was believed that Jalandhar lost in the fight and died. When Brinda found out the truth, she cursed Vishnu to become a stone named Shaligram and performed and immolated herself on her husband’s pyre. Lord Vishnu, with his power, converted her soul into Tulsi plant and promised to marry. That’s how the Shaligram stone married Tulsi plant.


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