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Why to Observe the Sunday Fast, Ravivar Vrat?

Why is Sunday important?

For most, Sunday is perhaps the best day of the week. In the modern-day, many look forward to Sundays as a day to retreat, rest, to refresh oneself, to do introspection, to relax…and take Sunday as a rejuvenating day. Many plan outings, go roaming around, visiting each other’s places, plan picnics, dining out, movies, parties, involving in sports activities etc. Sunday can ease the professional-personal life balance. 

From ancient times, the time, days, months, calendars, timekeeping records etc were based on the Sun and the moon movements. The seasons, agriculture produce etc have been based on the Sun.

Sunday has religious significance as well. Many keep some part of their Sundays, especially mornings, for meditation, visiting holy places, spirituality, religious observance etc. Sunday is dedicated to the Sun Lord, Surya Dev. Many Christians attend the Sunday morning service-mass. Many Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains etc observe prayers on Sundays. The worship of the Sun Lord can be traced back to ancient times. The ancient Sun temples are found in India, Nepal, Egypt, China, Peru etc. India’s Konark Sun Temple is a World Heritage Site.   


Why is the Sun of top importance?

Sun is the main source of energy and life on Earth. All the planets revolve around the Sun. 

In Astrology, the Sun is of pivotal importance in the horoscope Birth Chart. Though the Sun is a self luminary star, it is referred to as a planet in Astrology and for Astrology study works, calculations etc. The Sun Signs are primarily based on the Sun. In Astrology, the Sun is regarded as generally auspicious in nature. In Astrology, the words associated with the Sun are energy, power, strength, vitality, self, soul, father, leadership, personality, outward, force, authority, position, Government job, active consciousness, willpower, and so forth.


Why keep a Sunday fast, Ravivar Vrat?

Vrat, fasts are not only good for spirituality, patience, seeking divine grace and blessings etc, but also good for good health under medical guidance. Worship to the Sun Lord, Surya Dev is to keep ailments like skin problem away, to have auspiciousness at work etc. Some keep the Sunday fast, Ravivar Vrat for an auspicious relationship with father, his wellbeing etc. Sunday fast, Ravivar Vrat is also kept for othr purposes as mentioned in the words associated with the Sun, above. 


How is Sunday fast, Ravivar Vrat observed?

Some of the ways on how Sunday fast, Ravivar Vrat is observed:

• Offer water to the Sun Lord, Surya Dev, first thing in the morning, by dropping water facing towards the Sun

• Chant the Surya Mantra for 108 times continuously 

• Some natives who observe the Sunday fast, Ravivar Vrat, eat one meal in the day 

• The meal should be prepared without salt

• Royal red or orange-red color clothes can be worn on Sunday

• Orange-red flowers can be offered to a Surya Dev idol or at the temple

• Red sandalwood paste mixture can be applied on the forehead like a Tika, Tilak mark

• Fruits, juices without salt, water consumption is generally allowed


A Mantra for the Sun Lord, Surya Dev is -

                        Om Suryaya Namah

                        ॐ सूयार्य नमः


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