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Why is the Saturday Vrat, fast Common and Important?

What is Vrat, fasting?

Sanskrit word Vrat meaning fasting is a traditional observance that can be traced back to ancient times. Many Vrats, fasts are linked to Astrology, spirituality, religion, for physical wellbeing reasons etc. The rite of fast or restraining from eating food and-or drinking completely or partially is followed in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Islam, Sikhism etc. Some Vrats, fasts are for a short duration of time like a day, some are for a longer period. Vrat, fasting is also observed for good health, mental peace, patience, overall wellbeing, happiness, balance etc. Commonly, women are found to observe Vrat, fast more than men. There are different purposes for keeping different Vrat, fast. 


What is the basic background or purpose of all Vrat, fasts?

Every Vrat, fast has its own importance and significances. However, the main aim of any Vrat, fast is to devote oneself for the Vrat, fasting day for a pure cause towards that day, or the day’s deity etc. Vrats are not only good for mental peace and other auspicious reasons, but good for health as well. 


What is the reason to keep Saturday Vrat, fast?

Natives observe the Saturday Vrat, fast for the auspiciousness of Saturn Lord, Shani Dev. Natives with weak, malefic or inauspiciously placed Saturn in the horoscope birth chart, are often advised by Priests and Astrologers to observe the Saturday Vrat, fast. 


How is the Saturday Vrat, fast observed?

Typically, the Saturday Vrat, fast involves restraining from eating through the day, from sunrise to sunset. The Saturn Lord, Shani Dev is worshipped. Many natives visit Shani temples. 


Below are some general points towards the Saturday Vrat, fast on Saturdays -

• Wake up early, bathe and keep the surrounding areas clean

• Try to wear black, dark blue or dark-colored clothes on Saturdays

• Wash and clean Saturn Lord, Shani Dev idol at home or in a temple

• Offer flowers and light incense sticks to the Shani Dev idol or at a Shani Dev temple 

• Worship or pray with black sesame seeds, oil etc

• If possible, after prayer, try to tie a thread around a Peepal tree and go around the tree 7-times

• Donation of black items such as black Dal, black sesames etc to the poor or at the temple is auspicious 

• Consumption of non-vegetarian food and alcohol is not allowed

• Chant the Mantra for the Saturn Lord, Shani Dev


When is a good or auspicious time to start the Saturday fast, Vrat?

The Saturday Vrat, fast should preferably start on the first Saturday that falls in the Shukla Paksha moon phase in any month. Shukla Paksha is the rising-waxing moon phase in the fortnight in the lunar month. With the advice of the Priest or Astrologer, Saturday fast, Vrat should be done continuously for 7 weeks, on every Saturday. 

The timing of the Saturday fast, Vrat is from morning to evening, i.e., from sunrise to sunset


Are there any precautions to be taken before keeping any Vrat, fast?

Before keeping any Vrat, fast, if a native has any disease or ailment, or any medical problem, then s/he must consult a Doctor before observing any Vrat, fast. 


A Mantra for the Saturn Lord, Shani Dev is -

            Om Shanaye Namah

            ऊँ शनये नमः

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