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Why do we do Yagya? Is there any scientific reason?

Why do we do Yagya? Is there any scientific reason?

Yagya, also called Yajna (a Hindi/Sanskrit word) means devotion, prayer ceremony/religious activity, worship, sacrifice - especially offered to and in honor of God, fire, the sun or to a holy person/ idol or done at a holy symbolic place like Vrindavan / Mathura (birth place of Lord Krishna), Banaras/ Varanasi/ holy Ganga river, especially at Hindu temples like Meenakshi Temple (Madurai), or spiritual places, periodically at home, new home entry, new office etc. It is done above all on occasions of weddings, child birth, new work/job/ office, health, education, death, festive time/days/period like Diwali, Holi, per auspicious moments according to the movement/placement of the celestial bodies etc. It is also performed for elimination of the evil, bad spirits, bad times, bring peace/harmony etc. and making occurrences favorable. It is normally performed by individuals in the supervision/ guidance of a Priest/ Saint (Pandit ji) or any holy person. The practice is often called Havan in India or especially amongst the Hindu. It is also to destroy any evil spirit around or surrounding us – often which is invisible, unforeseen or undetermined. It is well explained by renowned Astro-Scientist Gurudev , and you can read more at http://gdvashist.blogspot.in/2016/07/blog-post.html.

As indicated above, there are different types of Yagyas for different occasions/reasons/purposes; e.g., birth, birthday, protection from the evil, good luck, wedding, love, family, parents, education, mental peace and so forth. Every important aspect or happening of life must be blessed with God’s grace and good luck. For this we perform the custom task or cause/motive specific Yagya.

It has been determined scientifically that the material and smoke of the ceremony Havan, which spreads in the area of the ritual, cleanses the surroundings, prevents, destroys spread of pollutants etc. This is evident from the Bhopal gas tragedy (harmful gas leak in a factory), considered the world’s worst industrial disaster that took place in 1984. Approximately, 15,000 people died and thousands affected due to its effect, of which 8,000 are said to have died within one week of the disaster/ toxic gas leak. Shockingly, some families that had performed Yajna are believed to have survived at that time whereas neighboring families died.

Many famous celebrities, like, Amitabh Bachchan do Yagyas. He visits the Tirupati Temple in south India. Many Celebrities, Bollywood stars (like Shilpa Shetty), business magnates/ industrialists like NRI Hinduja and renowned personalities performed Yajna at the world famous Maha Kumbh in 2013 in Allahabad, when lakhs of devotees/ pilgrims too, went there to perform Yajna.

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