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What is GajKesari Yog in Janam Kundali and its impact on human future?

Gaj and Kesari (both advanced Hindi words) mean elephant, lion, respectively. Yog (Hindi/Sanskrit word) means “to Unite”, combine, to come together or attach. That means, literally, the prominent, powerful favorable auspicious ‘GajKesari Yog’ is the aspect of coming together, overlap or joining of qualities/characteristics/ traits/ aspects of the elephant and the lion, in relation and reference to the human psyche. This we try to relate to the human nature and mind tendencies, per the horoscope and the dominating moon/sun/planets in an individual’s horoscopic/ 12 zodiac houses, from time-to-time. Both, elephant and lion are powerful, diligent etc. in their own sense – instinct quality, tenacity, significance, nature and dominance in the jungle. GajKesari Yog, according to horoscope is the aspect when in a person’s kundali (birth chart) whilst Jupiter (Brahaspati) is at the center of the moon, and that the Jupiter is present in the houses 1, 4, 7 and 10th of the 12 houses, then it can favor the person in success, financially/ wealth/monetarily, reputation/ recognition, status, power, authority etc.. Jupiter signifies size, expansion, religiousness, authority, higher status, stable mind etc., and moon gives stability of mind, feminine, imagination, creativity, feelings, peace, thus the benefic. Jupiter and moon are considered best friends (friendly and favorable in horoscope when they come together). 

However, houses 6th, 8th, 12th could also be malefic houses, in this case; so the scope of an individual’s horoscope analysis, for its remedy and cure. GajKesari Yog is when Jupiter and moon conjunct and therefore thought-out a very good and superior Yog and an opportunistic period. The current and future aspects/happenings/ life occurrences of an individual depends on his/ her Janam Kundali (birth chart per horoscope). Amitabh Bachchan is said to have had a strong GajKesri Yog after crossing his age of ~27 years when he suddenly starting becoming much more famous, highly successful, superstar in the Bollywood/ Indian film industry. However, GajKesri Yog doesn’t always guarantee result but conditions can be made favorable by leveraging Astrology.

To check your horoscope, especially the current placement and positioning of the celestial bodies in the houses related to your zodiac, and to minimize any negative effect, i.e., if the placement/ positioning is unfavorable or not there or unfavorably placed at that time/ period, then for the remedies and cures, you may please reach Us.



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