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What is Astrology - Know all about Astrology

Astrology is the detailed knowledge about the nine ‘planets’ and how these celestial bodies and Rahu-Ketu have an effect on humans on Earth. Astrology is one of the main Indian ancient studies. Through the study of Astrology and its interpretations, we can come to know about the past, present and have a prediction about the future – this is also part or feature of Astrology. 

Astrology also tells about the important information about the auspicious and inauspicious times-periods, sunrise, sunset, eclipses, placement-positioning of planets, weather, season etc. To understand and interpret some of the ancient texts, scriptures etc, it is important and it helps to know about basic Astrology. It is helpful to understand the ancient Veda through the knowledge of Astrology. 

From the deep and more accurate study of ancient historical times, the birth of Astrology took place from the ancient Indian peninsula. Some regard the Indian Astrology to be more than 8,000 years old. Some of the main texts, scriptures written by Sages, Rishis, scholars etc in the ancient times are:

- Parashar Muni (Sage Parashar), extensive in-depth Parashar Astrology, Horology, time management

- Varah Mihir Vrhad Sanhita, greater cohort

- Bhaskar Acharya, Shiromani theory

- Shridhar Jatak Tilak            


Other than these above main texts, there are other Astrology studies-scriptures, through which we can make astrological calculations-interpretations:

1. The Sun Theory

2. Laghu Parashari

3. Phal (reward) Dipika (oil lamp light)

4. Jatak Parijat

5. Maan Samagri (greater value system)

6. BhavPrakash

7. BhavKutuhal (frenetic, energy etc)

8. Bhavarth Ratnakara (gist of jewel mine)

9. Mahurat Chintamani; Mahurat means auspicious time-moment-period or beginning 


According to the basic-core concept of Astrology, seven main ‘planets’ and two shadowy ‘planets’ are regarded in Astrology. The Sun is the King, the moon is the Minister, Mercury as the accountant, Jupiter as Master or teacher, Venus as the Priest, Saturn as the Prince, Rahu as the evil or lowly, Ketu as the untouchable. All these ‘planets’ remain in their respective rights-authority areas and do their work. 


“Jyotishan (Astrologer) Suryaadi Grahana Bodhank Shashtram” 


The Science that understands the time is called Astrology. You can understand this Science like this that it gives you direction in your life. Your progress, your success, whether you are doing right or wrong, the assessment of this what we do, all this is part of Astrology. The science in the world that reflects the knowledge of birth and death, life’s happiness-sorrow, that study of such features, behavior etc is called Astrology. The trend of Astrology has grown a lot within the country and outside as well. When the roads-life direction and windows get closed for a native, then the only way that remains is the science of Astrology. Through this science, all the mysteries in life can be removed. And life can be made easier and reachable-accessible, through the medium of this Astrology science. 


Some of the prominent Astrology systems prevalent in modern times are:

1. Lal Kitab Knowledge

2. Kundli (Horoscope) Astrology

3. Nakshatra Astrology

4. Palmistry Astrology

5. Vedic Astrology

6. Samudik (Maritime) Astrology

7. Nadi Astrology

8. Thumb Shastra Astrology

9. Numerological Astrology

10. Tarot Card Astrology etc


Among all these Astrology systems, prominence is given to the Lal Kitab, because its prediction and remedies are very rare and unique, i.e., one of a kind. The Lal Kitab has the essence of all the Astrology systems and has every ingredient in it.  

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