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15 Vastu Tips that can attract Money and Positivity

“In this physical world, the most important aspect is geometric projection. See! If you look back at ancient India, it was an aesthetic to witness!”

The entire science of Vedic Astrology in aspect of Vedic Astrology in the physical existence is all about aligning your own planetary positions and geometry according to the cosmic geometry to attain beneficial outcomes. Let’s take an example of a car, if we say it’s well engineered but we meant that it is geometrically perfect. Geometry is what has been and will keep the balance intact. Our planets with no support of any strings or attachment are revolving with quantum weight of oblivion, just because of equilibrium of geometry.

Vastu Shatra is also all about the perfect place of certain things in our house which regulates the positive energy throughout. Let’s say what thoughts do we get when we enter a shabby place or unhygienic place, energy of certain negativity governs our positivity because of that we get that urge to clean up. 

Few things which can occur in Vastu non-compliant home :-

 Social: Severe loss of esteem in society, legal subject and other possible ways to achieve this.

 Monetary: Many business losses, failure to pay of credit to lenders and eventually bankruptcy.

 Medical: Excessive sickness, deadly diseases and even premature death.

As according to Vastu, the main door should be made in a way to make sure that when you step out of house, you should face the north, east or north-east direction

Taking this thing in consideration as the “doorway to victory and development in life”, the main door should face north, east or in the north-east direction. It must be built in a way to make sure that when you step out; you face the north, east or north-east direction.

1. There shouldn’t be five corners in the ceiling of any room. If your room is made that way, then you can place bamboo flutes or small pyramids to restrain its negative effects.

2. The north-east direction of the house should be kept congested. Keep the space more open to light. 

3. Toilet is a highly-debated area of the house as far as Vastu is concerned. The toilet seats should face North-South and should be lid closed when not in use.

4. Almirahs and beds should be placed very close to the South-West wall and at a very little distance from the North-East wall.

5. While drinking water, place your face towards North-East or east direction. 

6. Dining room should include a big mirror on the north or it can be on a north-east wall which will attract wealth and prosperity.

7. Also in the south-west corner of the house one should sleep summiting his head towards south.

8. Photos or images representing violence in any form should not be in the house or place of business. It attracts negativity and surely you do not want that in growth of family.

9. Also you can place a red lamp I n the south west direction for fame and success.

10. South-west direction should consist pictures of couple or family to improve the love, bonding and relationships.

11. Children should face in the north direction while studying to get success in examination.

12. Bachelors or unmarried as who want to get married should live in the rooms located at the north-west direction of their house or keep peony flowers in south-west direction in the drawing room.

13. Cash should be placed in the drawers which are made in the north and a mirror should be placed inside the drawer to twice your good luck.

14. Wind-chimes with crystals can be placed on bedroom windows to reduce fights at home and troubles between the members of the house.

15. Make sure that you maintain the center of home a free area for the free flow of positive energies. This is vital important for positivity in the house and also for health and prosperity.


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