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Value of Money Plants in Wealth Growth and Astrology

Value of Money Plants in Wealth Growth and Astrology

What is a Money Plant? It is a type of plant that is given title - prefix ‘money’ mainly because of its appearance. Its flat leaves, slightly heart shaped, structure donates-symbolizes the looks of (paper) money, and the roundish shaped and the texture of leaves, feel that of a currency coin. It is a belief that if a money plant that is kept at home and grows healthily, then the prospect of income-money inflow - in house increases and develops wealth prosperity. Money plant is also said to attract happiness.

There are old rooted stories from Taiwan and India related to this plant being called Money Plant.

Money plants come in different shades of green; light, medium and dark; with some combination of whitish-very light green in the leaves sometimes. Though the plant can grow in plain natural water (and in a jar, small bucket or a pot), it can be grown on soil with basic potash fertilizer; though it is said that it can grow in any type of soil from any region.

If the leaves turn pale like little yellowish or darkish brown especially on the leaves’ edges, then you may need to take a little care-attention. Such as, to keep the plant away from direct hot sunlight, keep in semi-shade, the water should not be dirty, change of water from time-to-time, optimal temperature, spray clean water on the leaves and stems, direction of the plant, cut the damaged/burnt (dark brownish) parts of leaves-stems, use coir sticks for support (when money plants start growing taller), do not over water etc. The sizes of the leaves, stem, height etc, of different types of money plant, also vary from region to region.

One can make multiple (independent) money plants out of a single plant (stem). It can grow in most types of soil of different regions (as mentioned above).

There are different types of money plants. One of the most common money plant species name is epipremmum aureum. Though there are other varieties as well, worldwide. These money plants are mostly found in countries like India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Australia, Sri Lanka, Hawaii, Malaysia, Indonesia, West Indies etc. Many names are given to different types of money plants, such as, marble queen, jade plant, Solomon Island’s ivy, pothos, silver wine etc. In the US – Pothos are more popular.

How is money plant linked to Astrology? Money plant is used in Feng Shui. It also symbolizes good luck. Feng Shui is considered a (smaller) part of the Chinese Astrology but is a different line in itself. It is related to positive energy. 

There are certain plants that are said to be lucky, especially in aspects like wealth, health, peace, growth etc.  Money plant is related to wealth. It reduces neuroticism (one of the top studied personality traits in Psychology).

Some of benefits of keeping a money plant at home are—

- It brings a positive ambience 

- Its leaves, stems and nodes green shade colors are pleasant to the eye and mind

- It enhances the decoration indoor and the house environs

- It is said to bring wealth prospecting

- It brings good luck

- As per Vastu, it activates positive energy

- As per Feng Shui, it purifies surrounding air (also indicated by NASA)

- Is believed to help sleep, anti insomnia, when kept in bedroom (near sleeping area)

- Believed to bring long lasting friendships

As per Vastu, money plant should be kept in the right direction in the house. Vastu Shastra says to direct it in south east direction (in line with Lord Ganesha). This is believed to bring positive energy. Lord Ganesha is symbolized to reduce bad luck, ill-fate. The plant is also said to be associated with the planet Venus.

An aspect: If a mind is at peace, if one gets proper sleep etc, one is able to concentrate better at work. It enhances and enables wealth growth.

Many of the plants shop staff are aware of the basic nuances of keeping, meaning of and maintaining a money plant indoors-at home.

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