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About Tuesday Fast, Mangalvar Vrat, and its Significance

What is Tuesday?

Tuesday is the 2nd day of the workweek. However, some regard Tuesday as the 3rd day of the week, considering Sunday as the start or the first day of the week. Tuesday falls between Monday and Wednesday. 


What is the importance of Tuesday?

All the seven days of the week are each dedicated to a particular planet or celestial body, and also specific deities. Tuesday is dedicated to the 4th planet from the Sun - Mars. Tuesday is dedicated to Hindu deity Lord Hanuman, and also Goddess Durga, among others. 


How did the name Tuesday come into being?

The forming of name Tuesday can be traced back to historic times. The name Tuesday is found to come from the word Tiwesdæg, meaning Tiw’s day. Tiw refers to the god of Combat. Mars is commonly referred to as the God of War in different regions or culture systems. It has its origin from the Norse mythology. The translation of Tuesday in German is Dienstag. In Hindi, Tuesday is called Mangalvar, in Latin – dies Martis, Mardi in French, etc. The word sounding matches with Mars, meaning the planet Mars. Mars is called Mangal in Hindi. In Latin, dies Martis means the day of Mars. 


What is the Tuesday fast, Mangalvar Vrat all about?

The Tuesday fast, Mangalvar Vrat is observed for the auspiciousness and favorability of the planet Mars. The Tuesday fast, Mangalvar Vrat is also kept to worship deities like Lord Hanuman, Goddess Durga. Some natives also worship Lord Ganesha on Tuesdays. 


Who should observe the Tuesday fast, Mangalvar Vrat?

Those natives with weak, ill-placed or malefic Mars in their respective horoscope birth charts should observe the Tuesday fast, Mangalvar Vrat. Natives seeking auspiciousness in wealth, health, strength, courage, prosperity, happiness, children etc should observe the Tuesday fast, Mangalvar Vrat. 

Natives with extreme fierceness in nature, high aggression, anger should also observe the Tuesday fast, Mangalvar Vrat, under Astrology consultancy. Natives in the MahaDasha of Mars, on getting their birth chart checked with a Priest or Astrologer should observe the Tuesday fast, Mangalvar Vrat, accordingly. The MahaDasha of Mars is for 7 years in a native’s life.


How to observe the Tuesday fast, Mangalvar Vrat?

Some of the ways to observe the Tuesday fast, Mangalvar Vrat are—

• Natives to wake up early on Tuesdays, bathe 

• The natives should clean and tidy their homes or the surroundings

• If possible, Ganga Jal, water should be used in some quantity for bathing

• If available, the holy Ganga Jal can also be sprinkled in the house for purity

• Natives should avoid the consumption of alcohol and non-vegetarian on Tuesdays

• Can wear clothes of red color or shades of red, pink etc. 

• If possible, should visit Lord Hanuman or Goddess Durga temple

• Sweet Laddoos can be offered at Lord Hanuman temple, and also distributed especially among poor 

• Should Chant the Mangal, Mars Mantra or for Lord Hanuman or Goddess Durga for 108 times continuously 

• Some natives who observe the Tuesday fast, Mangalvar Vrat, eat one meal in the day 

• The meal should be without salt

• Tuesday fast, Mangalvar Vrat Story or Katha can be listened to

• Paste mixture can be applied on the forehead like a Tika, Tilak mark

• After the prayer, Prasad, sweet holy pudding or Laddoos, as above, can be distributed

• Fruits, juices without salt, water consumption is generally allowed


When is the ideal time to start Tuesday fast, Mangalvar Vrat?

The Tuesday fast, Mangalvar Vrat should be started from a Tuesday falling in the Shukla Paksha. Shukla Paksha is the rising-waxing phase of the moon in the lunar month’s fortnight. The Tuesday fast, Mangalvar Vrat should be kept for a minimum continuous 21 Tuesdays, i.e., 21 weeks.


What is the connection between Astrology and Tuesday fast, Mangalvar Vrat?

Mars is called the red planet. Mars is the outer neighbor of Earth in the solar system. The planet Mars is associated with words like action, aggressive, forceful, daring, energy, determination, passion, competence, stamina, drive, fearless, prosperity, temperament etc. Mars rules Aries and Scorpio, and Houses 1st and the 8th of the horoscope birth chart. Therefore, observing the Tuesday fast, Mangalvar Vrat is considered auspicious for favorability of planet Mars. 


A Mantra for Mars is –

                        Om Bhaumaya Namah

                        ॐ भौमाय नमः

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