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What is Stree Dosha - Effect and Remedies of Stree Dosha

What is Stree Dosha?

Stree Dosha is one of the most well-known malefic effects noted in the horoscope of many people. The adverse effects of this condition can state ill results in the married life of the concerned individual.

Stree Dosha is an effective condition in the horoscope of a person resulting from the curse of a woman during the past lives. One of the chief causes for Stree dosha is the curse of the wife during the past life in response to the cruelties done to her. One of the other causes for Stree dosha is forgetting or not worshipping the family deity.

Some of the adverse results noticed because of shrapit dosha is the sickness of the present wife during the menstrual cycle when the combination of Rahu-Venus, Venus-Rahu, Ketu-Venus, Venus-Ketu, Venus-Saturn, Saturn-Venus happens in a single house of the horoscope. Divorces, re-marriages, absence of issues and illnesses of children are some of the ill-effects resulting from Stree dosha.

Stree dosha is noticed in your horoscope, you need not panic. There are some solid remedial measures or pariharas that can nullify or minimize the effects of Stree dosha. The following possible remedies that are suggested in the Shastras, are described below to nullify the effect of Stree Dosha. Depending on your convenience, preferences and liking you can attempt one or some of these remedies to counteract the adversities caused by Stree dosha.


Effects of Stree Dosha :-

 Stree Dosha simply means curse of ladies.

 If anyone cheated, tortured, insulted, humiliated and looted wealth of ladies in previous janam it will come as Stree Dosha in this Janam.

 Native marital life will be badly affected. Somebody have to face divorce. He will face so many problems with ladies.

 Female kid health & education life will be affected in drastic way. He will get worries because of his kids.

 If anyone has 6th house Venus or Venus conjunction is with 6th lord it will be stated as Stree Dosha or Curse of ladies. If there is any Ideal Guru, he can come out from this curse by implementing some remedies.


Remedies for Stree Dosha :-

• Chant the mantra daily 1008 times daily. Bhagavthi Sri Durga is the presiding deity for Rahu.

||ओम् महा दुर्गायै नमः||

"Aum Maha Durgaye namaha"

• Visit Goddess Durga Temple on Fridays and offer red flowers and perform Ashtothara pooja every Friday all your life.

• Perform Puja for Ashta Lakshmi Yanthra daily with milk, turmeric and kumkum all your life. Ashta Lakshmi is the presiding deity for Venus.


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