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The Importance & Significance of Somvar Vrat, Monday Fast

What is Monday?

Monday is a day in the seven days of the week. Monday falls between Sunday and Tuesday. Monday is generally and widely regarded as the first day of the workweek. However, many regard Monday as the 2nd day of the week, where Sunday is regarded as the 1st day of the week. In some countries, especially in the middle-east, the weekend is Friday=Saturday or Friday-Saturday. In this sense the 1st-week workday changes and Monday is not the 1st workweek day. However, some calendars reflect Monday as the first day of the week and others as the 2nd day of the week.


How did the name Monday come into existence?

All the seven days of the week are named each after one of the planets, the moon, and the Sun. Each day of the week is also associated with particular deities.

The background or forming of name Monday can be traced back to historic times. Monday has its origin from the word Monandaeg that originally came from the ancient German tribes; it means moon’s day. In German Monday is called Montag. In different cultures from ancient times, Monday related to and meant the day of the moon. In most other languages as well Monday relates to the moon. Monday is called Somvar in Hindi, in Latin dies Lunae, in Spanish – lunes etc. Here, Lune sounding words refer to lunar or the moon. In Hindi, Som of Somvar refers to the moon Lord, Lord Som.    


Why is the Somvar Vrat, Monday Fast significant?

Somvar Vrat, Monday Fast is kept mainly for the auspiciousness and favorability of the Earth’s moon. Many Priests or Astrologers advice natives with a weak, ill-placed moon in the horoscope birth chart, Janam Kundli to observe the Somvar Vrat, Monday Fast.

The moon and the Sun are regarded as the topmost important celestial bodies in Astrology. The moon is part of the NavGrah. The prominent Charts Sun sign and the moon sign are based on these two.


Who should keep the Somvar Vrat, Monday Fast?

Any native with a weak or inauspiciously placed moon in the horoscope birth hart, Janam Kundli should observe the Monday fast, Somvar vrat, under the advice of a Priest or Astrologer. 

The moon is associated with words like emotions, brain, good mood, mental peace, thought process, depression, mental-emotional instability, negativity, mood swings etc.

Many ladies observe the Somvar Vrat, Monday fast for marital bliss. 


What are some the ways to observe the Somvar Vrat, Monday Fast?

Some of the ways on how Monday fast, Somvar Vrat is observed:

• Chant the Chandra, Moon Mantra or the Lord Shiva Mantra for 108 times continuously 

• Some natives who observe the Monday fast, Somvar Vrat, eat one meal in the day 

• The meal should be prepared without salt

• White, cream, off-white or shades of white/grey-colored clothes can be worn on Monday

• Flowers, preferably white can be offered to Lord Chandra or at Lord Shiva temple

• Monday fast, Somvar Vrat Story or Katha can be listened to

• Paste mixture can be applied on the forehead like a Tika, Tilak mark

• After the prayer, Prasad, sweet holy pudding can be distributed

• Fruits, juices without salt, water consumption is generally allowed


When should a native begin to keep the Somvar Vrat, Monday Fast?

The Somvar Vrat, Monday fast should ideally begin on a Monday falling the Shukla Paksha. Shukla Paksha is the rising-waxing phase of the moon in the lunar month’s fortnight. This is regarded as one of the most auspicious times to begin keeping the Somvar Vrat, Monday fast. It is believed that keeping 16 Somvar Vrats, Sunday fasts continuously is considered highly auspicious. This is called Solah Somvar.  


How are Astrology and Somvar Vrat, Monday Fast connected?

As above, Somvar Vrat, Sunday fast is also advised by Priests and Astrologers to observe it devotedly. This is mostly on the basis of Astrology’s horoscope birth chart, Janam Kundli reading. The placement-positioning of the moon in the birth chart, the moon’s relations with other celestial bodies in the birth chart, aspects, transit, MahaDasha etc can give positive or negative effects, therefore a wholistic birth chart study is required. 


A Mantra for the Moon is -

                                    Om Chandraya Namah

                                                ॐ चंद्राय नम:


A Mantra for Lord Shiva is -

                                    Om Namah Shivaya

                                                ॐ नमः शिवाय

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