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Skanda Sashti – 21 February 2018


21st of February in 2018, Wednesday, marks a prominent-popular south India holy event of Skanda Sashti. Devotees observe a Vrat (fast) in commemoration of the famous and admired Hindu deity Lord Skanda (also known as Kartikeyan, Muruga, Kumara, Subramani etc); though each name may have a different meaning-value; but generally speaking Lord Skanda is the Lord of war. The name (of Lord)Skanda is mostly used in south India (mainly Tamil Nadu), though also has a reference in Buddhism. Sashti is a holy day in Hinduism.

Lord Skanda aka Lord Murugan is also worshiped in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and partly Nepal.

The date-time of Skanda Sashti is determined per the Hindu lunar calendar, i.e., after the Panchami Tithi ends. Panchami means the 5th day of the fortnight (Paksha); (‘Panch’ part of Panchami means five) and Tithi means the lunar day.

Lord Skanda was one of the sons of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Lord Skanda is the brother of Lord Ganesha (worshiped religiously in Maharashtra mostly). Lord Skanda is known as the protector, guardian of natives etc. As mentioned in the first Para, Lord Skanda is the Lord of war, to defeat the evil.

A day every month is marked in the remembrance of Lord Skanda. Skanda Sashti dates for 2018 (Gregorian) are (ex-Delhi NCR)

1.       22nd of January 2018, Monday

2.       21st of February 2018, Wednesday

3.       22nd (23rd) March 2018, Thursday

4.       21st April 2018, Saturday

5.       20th May 2018, Sunday

6.       18th June 2018, Monday

7.       17th (18th) July 2018, Tuesday

8.       16th August 2018, Thursday

9.       14th (15th) September 2018, Friday

10.   14th October 2018, Sunday

11.   8th to 14th November 2018 (week long, Lord Skanda devotion included)

12.   13th December 2018, Thursday (Subramanya Sashti)

(Please check-verify the above date-time per your location)

Vrat (fasting) and Pujas (prayer ceremony) are carried out by devotees to dedicate, devote and please Lord Skanda. Natives pray to him to protect them from aspects like evil, bad events etc. Some of the fervent-passionate devotees fast for up to 6 days.

Some of the basic imperative aspects associated with the Skanda Vrat, are—

-          Complete-strict no to non-vegetarian food

-          No alcohol consumption

-          Bathe first - early in the morning before praying

-          Visit Lord Skanda temple (if nearby) or worship the idol at home (Puja corner)

-          Single meal is to be taken during the day (normally afternoon or night meal)

-          Fruits, coconut water and juices can be had at discretion

-          Flowers, turmeric, Ugurbati (pleasing fragrance), Puja items etc should be used

A general Shloka for Lord Skanda is—

                “Gyaanashaktidhara Skanda

                  Villiikalyaana Sundara

                  Devasenaa manah kaanta

                  Kaartikeya namo astute

                  Om Subramanyaaya Namah”   

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