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Significance & Benefits of Shankh Blowing

Shankh, it has been meant to be of greater importance in Hinduism and Buddhism. In Hinduism, the Shankh is devoted to Lord 'Vishnu'. 'Shankh' is highly admired in Hindu scriptures as a provider of fame and prosperity. 

'Shankh' can be characterized of two types; one is meant to blow sound and other one is for the worship purpose. Once or twice blow of the shank can prevent and save the person from the heart diseases.


What are the types of Shankha ?

Shankh, it as we seek into Indian mythology is also said and name provided to one of the auspicious nine treasures held by the god of wealth, Kuber.

There is a helper of Kuber who is called Shankhnidhi, and he is signified as a fleshy dwarf seated in an easy stance holding a Shankh shell in one of his hands.

His attendant is Padmanidhi, who resembles Shankhnidhi in all details except that he holds a lotus in his hand instead of a Shankh shell.

It is most typically associated with Lord Vishnu, and is one of his four Aayudh weapon', but working in the sense of anything is held in the hand typically found in his hands; the Chakra, the Gadaa and the Lotus (Padm) that is being the other three than Shankh. The Shankh held by Lord Vishnu is named Paanch-janya Shankh, which is said as the name of the Chakra in his hand is Sudarshan and the name of his gadaa is Kaumodakee.


What is the importance of conch (shankh) ?

Let us witness the importance of Shankh. According to our ancient scriptures (Puranas), the Shankh was brought during the mix of ocean by the goddesses and Lord Vishnu held it in the appearance of weapon. As per a holy rhyme which is frequently enchanted during the pooja ritual, it is mentioned that by the authority of Lord Vishnu the God Moon, Sun and Varun are placed at the base of the shankh, the God Prajapati on its surface and all the places of pilgrimage like Ganga and Saraswati in its front forth portion. Yet other special thing of shankh is that the vibrations originating from Shankh when blown eliminates the disease causing germs in the atmosphere. That is the reason it has an important aspect in Ayurved and Medicine.

The way of the gap within the shankh divides it into two types. When the place is towards your right while you had held the shankh with its tip facing in front way and with the gap facing upwards then it is right sided shankh and if the gap faces to left then it is a left sided shankh. Generally a left sided shankh is preferred for the pooja ritual. Now days so many Shanks of different shapes are available in the market. There are some figured works also on their surface. 


Know how effect of energy from sound of Shankh can prevent negativity :-

Let us see how the energy is emitted from the blow of shankh and what precisely happens with the help of a delicate depiction. Here we have to take into thoughtfulness that the fact, while the vibrations of a delicate depiction are three dimensional we see them in the subtle portrayal in a two dimensional form

As soon as the shankh is blown the frequencies of godly energy (Shakti) are spreaded into atmosphere due to sound produced. These energy frequencies are witnessed in red color. Along with these energy frequencies yellow circles of chaitanya are also predictable in the atmosphere. This increases the proportion of Shakti (energy), chaitanya and anand in the environment and that is why the negative energies get distressed and run away. Thus it has become clear to us the importance of blowing shankh during pooja ritual. The blowing of shankh makes the atmosphere holy and pure and conducive for the spiritual practice (sadhana) of the individual. Thus it becomes easier for an individual to receive maximum satvik frequencies emanating` from the deities.


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