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Significance and Uses of Planting Banana Tree

Trees and plants are essential for our existence as no one can survive without water which is known as Vayu Devta according to in Hindu religion. Trees, plants and animals that exist in nature are worshipped with great dedication and genuineness in Hindu mythology. Trees are valued as God/diety in Hinduism since the ancient time. Each tree and animal is directly connected to Hindu God or deities and is important for specific qualities. 

 Tulsi

 Banana

 Peepal

 Neem

 Aam(Mango)

 Ashoka 

 Bilvapatra

 Nariyal(Coconut) 


These are pleased and prayed in puja and many other ceremonies; banana plant is also worshipped in Indian culture.

Every inch and part of the banana tree is as important and significant whether if it is root, stem, fruit or leaves.

Though banana tree is not even a tree but it is said as one because of its plantation structure and style. The sacred banana plant is considered as God Brihaspati(Jupiter) and is offered prayers and pleasing for the well-being of the family.

The banana tree signifies Lord Vishnu and Goddess/Diety Laxmi as it is believed that Lord Vishnu exists in it. It assures a joyous and prosperous married life to the couple who offers or gives banana fruit to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi on every Thursday. It also provides blessings with good financial stability. It is advised that the 11th day of the bright half of pausa (December-January) is observed to be very auspicious for offering banana to Lord Vishnu and Laxmi Ji.

People should start worshipping banana tree regularly on every Thursday as it helps to overcome difficulties and obstacles in life due to bad Jupiter (Brihaspati). You can also wear the root of the banana tree in case you can’t afford a Brihaspati gemstone to overcome and prevent the ill effects of planet Jupiter.


Significance of Banana tree:-

 According to belief that, planting a banana tree in a home would offer resolution to all the troubles related to Jupiter.

 Planting or sowing a tree at the entrance of the home of the married couple represent that the married life of the couple would be evergreen and endless.

 The bride and groom would be blessed with all the happiness and prosperity of the world and happiness of children.

 Women who are in wait for their marriage since long time would get married with no trouble with their ideal better half.

 The marital life of women would see an improvement after planting a banana tree at home.

 Plantation of banana tree would give success in higher education and give power to knowledge of the students.


What are the uses of Banana tree and its leaves :-

 Banana provides many medicinal uses such as to longevity, curing corns, headaches, warts and even stage-fright. 

 The practitioners and observers of Chinese medicine advise the banana for lowering blood pressure and relieve in constipation.

 Young leaves of banana are placed as poultices on burns and other skin sufferings. The roots are useful in digestive disorders, dysentery and other ailments. 

 Banana seed paste is provided and can be used in cases of diarrhea in India.

 Banana tree is also used in treating children with celiac disease and also for curing intolerance to grains which is containing gluten such as wheat, rye, oats and barley. Applying the inside of the banana skin to the frostbitten area will bring immediate relief to it.


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