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Shubh Vehicle Purchase Muhurut Dates in February 2018

Shubh Vehicle Purchase Muhurut Dates in February 2018

The Shubh (auspicious) vehicle purchase muhurut dates for the month of February 2018 are the 4th (Sunday), 5th (Monday), 9th (Friday), 23rd (Friday) and the 26th (Monday) ex-Delhi, India. These dates are calculated and considered auspicious in reference to the Indian Jyotish (Astrology), ancient systems-beliefs, Nakashatras, Muhurat, Tithi, lunar based etc, and that are often reflected in the Hindu calendar. 

There are certain days in the month that must be avoided in purchase of a vehicle. These days are considered highly inauspicious, unlucky, ill-fated etc. Therefore, the timing (vis-à-vis, the date and time of vehicle purchase) has to be right. A native can also check for his/her lucky number for the registration number plate (especially the adding up of the digits-numeric on the plate). The lucky number is often determined via the Janam Kundali (Birth/Natal Chart), Rashi (zodiac horoscope), date-time-place of birth etc. of the native. The date and time of taking of delivery of vehicle (bike, car, scooter etc) must be verified from a reliable source.

Many VIPs, celebrities, stars etc go for high cost single or double digit vehicle registration numbers like, 1, 5, 7, 9, 10, 99 etc. that is believed to cost lacs of rupees. 

A basic ceremony must be done for the blessings of God in the good return, hassle-free and safe performance of the vehicle. Many natives take their vehicle straight to the temple or a holy place, immediately after the possession-delivery of the vehicle. Many keep a small idol of God or a simple framed picture. A holy red cloth is also tied to the vehicle for the initial few days for its Shuddhi, blessings etc. A coconut is at times broken. 

For many natives, a vehicle is considered very important for example in aspects like family travel safety, bringing luck while going to work or for any auspicious-significant-turning point event like marriage, baby delivery, hospital, examination, interview, business deal etc. The 4th House in the Chart is considered the dominant house for vehicle happiness.  

The color of the vehicle also has a meaning and importance. This can be specific to native. Though in India white is dominant with about 46% white for 4 wheeler vehicles, followed by silver. This is mostly due to climatic conditions, higher temperatures in most parts of India. White color repeals heat and keeps the car cooler inside. In the other segment of 2 wheelers etc., colors can range, including red, black, blue, green etc.

A native can also determine the auspiciousness, favorability, luck, scope of vehicle happiness, timing etc as per his/her specific Janam Kundali (Natal/Birth Chart) per his/her date-time-place of birth.

For an accurate in-depth making and interpretation of Janam Kundali, also covering aspects like birth, education, health career, job, profession, business, partner search, marriage, children, parents, prediction, remedies, cures, Upays, malefic-benefic planets etc, you can write to us at info@yesicanchange.com or can call at +91 – 124 – 6774667 for an appointment with a leading Certified Acharya or with the renowned Astro-Scientist Gurudev GD Vashist Ji at 507, Udyog Vihar, Phase – III, Gurugram (Gurgaon), Haryana, India

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