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Relation: The Sun, the Earth and Astrology

Relation: The Sun, the Earth and Astrology

Imagine, what if our sun disappeared? Life on Earth would completely end in the following years. The surface, water, oceans…everything would freeze as temperatures would go negative in the hundreds. Underground living would not be possible for long either, due to scarcity for food, water, rise in diseases, contamination etc. reasons. The flora and fauna would quickly die as plants, vegetation and trees would not receive the much required sun’s rays for photosynthesis and would stop growing. Already there are theories and thought that the Earth would ultimately end in a few million-billion years. It is believed that the end of Earth would be it getting absorbed/gravitationally pulled over time in to the Sun itself. But, we humans need not worry about this. We, and our future generations are only hundreds and thousands of years here on Earth, vis-à-vis, an epoch of a tiny and insignificant fraction in time. To the core, and being realistic, what matters is a living person’s life today (present) and future.

 Life on Earth exists because it is at the most befitting distance from the Sun, to sustain life. That is why Astronomers, Astrologers, NASA, Roscosmos (Russian Space Agency), Cosmologists etc have not been able to discover any life on any other planet in the solar system or the outer space. Though there are explorations underway for Mars. In fact, though the Sun is at the center of the solar system, with all planets revolving around it, we relate all celestial bodies’ aspects to us humans on Earth, as if everything is revolving around the Earth; especially in the determination of Astrology, Astronomy, Gemology, Palmistry, Astro-Science, Numerology etc.; because without life, the existence has no meaning. Astrology regards role and study of solar system with humans in Earth. We, under the ambit and noble view-points of renowned Astro-Scientist Gurudev G.D. Vashist ji’s guidance, are continuously exploring and leveraging the celestial bodies - the sun, the moon, the planets to the benefit of everyone’s horoscope with reference to the Janam Kundali (Astrological chart / birth/Natal chart). E.g., the sun is directly related to the most prominent 1st house of the 12 houses in the horoscope chart, which corresponds to good health, strong mind/heart etc.

 For an insight in to your planets, zodiac sign, the Houses and aspects, and to check the placement and positioning of the sun and other celestial bodies in your specific Janam Kundali (horoscopic birth chart); also to predict, cure and find remedy for any disadvantageous period or happening, please schedule a Reading/ consult us at +91 – 124 – 6674671 or by e-mail: info@yesicanchange.com for more information. An appointment is possible at our office:

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