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Relation : Name – Fame, Career, Rashi, Houses and Planets

Relation: Name – Fame, Career, Rashi, Houses and Planets

Which planets play a role in making a person’s name and fame? 

Who are amongst the top most popular personalities? They would be Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, Jesus Christ, Guru Nanak ji, Prophet Mohammed, Buddha, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Adolf Hitler,  Martin Luther King Jr., Princess Diana, Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama,  PM Narendra Modi, Jackie Chan, Amitabh Bachchan, Michael Jackson, JRD Tata, Bill Gates, Angela Merkel, Tiger Woods, Katy Perry, Vladimir Putin, Israel ben Eliezer, Donald Trump etc.

What are the characteristics-commonalities of planets, Rashi (horoscope) and Houses segregation etc.  amongst the famous-highly successful people? What do their Janam Kundalis look like? Are they really too different? What is the overlap in their horoscope?

Notably – every native has a different aptitude, tendency, favorability etc in his/her career path, the work-line that one chooses. Many people realize later in life that they were not made for that industry-career-profession path. That is one of the reasons why a person’s Janam Kundali (Birth Chart) must have accurate interpretation. It is determined by the influence of the Houses, Rashi (zodiac horoscope) and the planets. Each House has its own influence, meaning and the planets positioning in these Houses has a different denotation.

Astrology helps and facilitates one to identify the potential, career righteousness etc. in a person leveraging the Janam Kundli, Houses, planets, Rashi (horoscope) etc. A native’s birth date/time/location information is key.

Below is a brief indication of career likelihood. However, every individual is unique and so is his/her Janam Kundali (Natal/ Birth chart), therefore, it is specific to every person, and should be interpreted on accurate study of the Janam Kundali.

S# House Favorable Linked Career Path (BY HOUSE, JANAM KUNDLI (NATAL/BIRTH CHART))
1 1st Politics, Entrepreneurship, Business, Trading, Authority, Leadership etc.
2 2nd Financial Services, Banking, Accountancy, Food & Beverages, Education - Teaching, Author etc.
3 3rd Sales & Marketing, Communication, Author, publishing, Advertising, Social Media etc.
4 4th Property - Real Estate, Building, Agriculture, Trading, Mining, Manufacturing, Vehicles related etc.
5 5th Entertainment, Music, Advertisement, Media, Politics, Religion-related, Stock Market etc
6 6th Legal, Judge-Lawyer-Advocates, Healthcare-Medical, F&B, Security, Police etc.
7 7th Trade, Business, Entrepreneurship, Merchant, Export, Leadership, Managerial etc. 
8 8th R&D (Research & Development), Detective, Insurance, Ombudsman etc.
9 9th Immigration, Tours & Travel, Religion related, University, Professor, Law etc.
10 10th Authority, Government, Politics, Public Interaction related, Managers etc.
11 11th Finance-accountancy, Organizational Work, Banks, NBFCs, Managerial etc.
12 12th Medical-Hospital, Philanthropy-charities, Secretarial, Foreign Posting-foreign related Jobs etc.


s# Sign Favorable Linked Career Path (BY RASHI - HOROSCOPE, ZODIAC)
1 Aries Defense Services, Police, Security, Industrial, Sports, Mechanical-Technology etc.
2 Taurus Banking, Property - Real Estate, Jewelry, Cosmetics, Entertainment-Music, Fashion, Garments etc.
3 Gemini Media, TV, Journalist, Reporter, Accountancy, Languages, Author etc.
4 Cancer Water related, Merchant Navy, Navy, Marine, Nursing, Chemicals, Petroleum, Academics etc.
5 Leo Authority, Government, Law, Foreign Services- Diplomacy, Investment etc.
6 Virgo Astrology, Astronomy, Mathematics, Computing, Spirituality-healing, Medical- Doctors, Media etc.
7 Libra Law, Judges, Architecture, Interior Designing, Judges, Front Office, Advertisement, Cosmetics etc.
8 Scorpio Pharmaceuticals, Medicines, Pharmacy, Insurance, Doctor-Nurses, Police, Defense Services etc.
9 Sagittarius Legal- Law, Judge, Financial Services, Banking, Entrepreneurship, Sports, Clothes-Apparel etc.
10 Capricorn Mining, Earth Exploration, Material Extraction, Exploration, Energy etc.
11 Aquarius Management Consultancy, Computers, Astrology, Palmistry, Philosophers, Engineering etc.
12 Pisces Merchant Navy, Artists-Painters, Hospital-Doctors-Medical, Chemicals etc.


S# Sign Favorable Linked Career Path (BY PLANETS/ CELESTIAL BODIES)
1 The Sun Authority, Government, Defense Services, Police, Directors, Politics, Leaders, Doctors etc
2 Moon Medical-Hospital, Nursing, F&B (Food & Beverages), Children-Women related, Travel, Marine etc.
3 Mercury Astrologers, Astronomy, Authors, Education, Trade - Merchandize, Financial Services, Editors etc.
4 Venus Entertainment Industry, Music, Hospitality, Beauty related, Art, Luxury related etc.
5 Mars Fire, Engineering, Energy, Oil & Gas, Defense - Weapons, Construction, Real Estate, Police etc.
6 Jupiter Financial Services, Legal, Law, Spiritual- Priests, Media-Advertisement, Social Service etc.
7 Saturn Mining, Extraction, Real Estate- Construction, Agriculture, Spiritual - death etc.
8 Uranus Invention, Discovery, Scientist, Computers, Electronics, Mathematics, Astrologers etc.
9 Neptune Entertainment Industry, Movies, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Academics, Poetry, Oil, Petroleum etc.
10 Pluto R&D (Research & Development), Technology, Financial Services, Insurance etc.
11 Rahu R&D (Research & Development), Academics, Pharmaceuticals, Waste Management etc.
12 Ketu Spirituality, Secrecy, Idealism, Enlightenment, Psychic, Astrology, Astronomy etc.

Several other aspects are regarded especially per the Vedic Astrology, such as, Shukracharya / Shukra Greh (Venus) etc. Basis the one’s Janam Kundli study, certain cures, remedies and ‘Upays’ are given. Worship of Mata Laxmi is common amongst many Indian businessmen, job seekers, career oriented persons etc., especially for money - wealth favorability.

 As indicated above, first step is to have an accurate Janam Kundli (Natal/Birth Chart), then its study-interpretation by experienced Astrologers, followed by remedies (if/when needed). For career consultancy, you may reach us at +91 – 124 – 6674667, or can e-mail us info@yesicanchange.com . A face-to-face appointment-consultancy is also possible with renowned Astro-Scientist Gurudev GD Vashist ji and consultants at address: 507, Udyog Vihar, Phase – 3, Gurugram (Gurgaon) India

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