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Reason for delay in Marriage and How horoscope indicate delay in Marriage

As since the ages we were born in pairs, we seek our life in search of our better half to make our life complete. Most of them get lucky to seek with perfect match and some had to wait for it to get perfect. The observation of such compatibility perfection is observed through horoscope matching. We are born with celestial bodies governing the energies around us, which enlighten us in every aspect of our life.   

The marriage is the part and partial of our life. Hence, the timely marriage can make us not only happy but also it becomes easy to educate and settle our kids.    

Since there are many issues relating to marriage has been taking place, it is better to prevent better than cure.


General reasons for delay in Marriages :-

 Miss-conception  about marriages

 People are getting over professional nowadays

 People had become very choosy for their better half.

 Physical illness

 Responsibilities of Family and dependency.


Astrological Reasons for Delay in Marriages :-

Sometimes, we put our effort heart and soul. However, the marriage remains a distant dream

Both boys and girls become frustrated since marriage is not taking place despite since effort. In fact, what are astrological reasons for the delay in marriage?

The planets in the birth chart are the sole cause of late marriage. Every time we propose, but God disposes.


Now, let us focus on the planetary reasons of delay in marriage. 6 reasons of why there is a delay in marriage.

• The marriage gets delayed when the 7th lord or marriage lord is retrograded and the Mars is posited in the 8th house.

• There will be late marriage if the 7th lord is weak and posited in the 6th or 8th house in the birth chart.

• Both 7th lord and Saturn becomes karaka and conjoined together, it becomes the cause delayed marriage.

• The marriage becomes extremely delay when there is mutual aspect of Saturn and Venus in the birth chart and moon remains in the 8th or 12th

• The person gets marriage in old age when the planet Saturn and Venus is posited in the ascendant and the Mars is placed in the 7th

• When the Moon is conjoined with Rahu in the 7th house and the 7th lord is harmed, then there will be sufficient of obstacles and late in marriage.


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