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The Month of Shravan of Lord Shiva, 17 July to 15 August in 2019

What is the background of the moon or lunar calendar?

In ancient times, from thousands of years ago, the prime calendar formats were based on the basis of moon phases or lunar cycle. Some of the prominent olden moon-cycle based calendars are like the Indian, Nepalese, Chinese, Islamic, Greek, etc. Some of these are still in use and referenced in modern times. The lunar calendar is different from the commonly used solar calendar. The solar calendar is based on the Sun annual cycle. Lunar calendars are also used for seasons, rituals, festivals, timekeeping, birth or event records, prediction, etc.


When does Shravan Maas, also called Savan Maas, fall in the Gregorian calendar?

In every Gregorian calendar, every year, the lunar-based calendar’s month of Shravan or Savan can vary. However, Shraavan Maas aka Savan Maas falls around the Gregorian July-August period. The Sanskrit word Maas means month. In 2019, Shravan Maas or Savan Maas is falling in the Gregorian period 23 July to 22 August.


What is about the lunar calendar month of Shravan or Savan Maas?

Shraavan Maas is the 5th month in the Hindu lunar calendar. In the Sikh NanakShahi lunar calendar, Shraavan Maas is called the Sawan month, which happens around the same time. Savan is also spelt Sawan. Both, Shravan and Savan related to the rainy monsoon season. Savan also spelt Saavn basically means monsoon. 


How is Shravan Maas or Savan Maas significant?

The Shravan Maas or Savan Maas marks and is related to the monsoons in the Indian peninsula. Shravan or Savan brings respite from the scorching summer heat in most parts of India. Many farmers wait for a normal monsoon and to have a blessed month of Shravan. Shravan has a religious significance as well. At this time, devotees and pilgrims of Lord Shiva take the holy Kavad Yatra. 

Some of the important events that fall in the Shravan Maas or Savan- Sawan Maas are Haryali Teej, Rakhi – Raksha-Bandhan, Naag Panchami, Krishna Janamashtami, India’s Independence Day.  


How is Shravan Maas aka Savan Maas related to Lord Shiva?

Shravan Maas aka Savan Maas is regarded as a holy month that is dedicated to Lord Shiva. For many devotees of Lord Shiva, Shravan Maas aka Savan Maas is regarded as the holiest of all the lunar calendar months. Some devotees of Lord Shiva spend the whole month of Shravan aka Savan in worshiping Lord Shiva.


A Mantra for Lord Shiva is -

                                    Om Namah Shivaya

                                    ॐ नमः शिवाय

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