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Masik Karthigai – 22 February 2018

Masik Karthigai – 22 February 2018

22nd of February 2018, Thursday, marks the south India (mainly Tamil Nadu, and also parts of Sri Lanka, Mauritius and Kerala) holy-sacred event of Masik Karthigai. Masik Karthigai is mainly followed by Tamil Hindus the world over. Masik Karthigai is also referred as Karthigai Deepam (main event – 23rd of November 2018). Masik Karthigai is observed in the worship to Lord Shiva. Masik (Sanskrit word) means monthly, in this case – once a month observation. Karthigai is the constellation (Nakshatra). Karthigai is also one of the 12 Tamil months. Karthigai is sometimes spelt-pronounced Karttikai. Tamil month Karthigai corresponds to period mid-November to mid-December in the Gregorian calendar.

Karthigai is also spelt-known-pronounced as Kratika, Kartika, Kritika (also Hindu female name), Kartik (also Hindu male name) meaning the 8th month. However, as per the Nepalese and Bengali month systems, Kartik is the 7th month. The spelling-pronunciation etc variation depends region to region. But generally it happens at a time when the Surya (our Sun) enters the zodiac sign Scorpio (Vrischik) from Libra (Tula). The transit (start) for 2018 is the 16th of November 2018 (Friday) and stay until the 16th of December 2018 (Sunday). Surya spends about a month in each of the 12 Rashis (horoscope) every year.

The purpose of observance of the monthly Masik Karthigai is to repel the evil, bring prosperity, killing the negative energies, embracing progress, removal of darkness etc. Lord Shiva has immense powers, and is one of the most prominent deities.

Masik Karthigai is celebrated by lighting of oil lamps (like diyas) in the evening, around dusk. A few devotees observe basic Vrat (fast).

The dates for Masik Karthigai (also called Kratika Nakshatra Vrat) for 2018 are—

1.       26th January 2018, Friday

2.       22nd February 2018, Thursday

3.       22nd March 2018, Thursday

4.       18th April 2018, Wednesday

5.       15th May 2018, Tuesday

6.       12th June 2018, Tuesday

7.       9th July 2018, Monday

8.       5th August 2018, Sunday

9.       2nd September 2018, Sunday

10.   29th September 2018, Saturday

11.   26th October 2018, Friday

12.   23rd November 2018, Friday        (Karthigai Deepam)

13.   20th December 2018, Thursday

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