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Mars Transits Tula (Libra) to Vrischika (Scorpio) – 17 January 2018

Mars Transits Tula (Libra) to Vrischika (Scorpio) – 17 January 2018

Planet Mars (Mangal) transits from Rashi Tula (Libra) to Vrischika (Scorpio) on the 17th of January 2018, Wednesday. Mars will stay in Vrischika (Scorpio) until the 7th of March 2018, i.e., for ~49 days.  From the 7th of March, Mars will move on to the next Rashi in turn – Dhanu (Sagittarius). 

Outline about Mars (Mangal), the Red Planet (though more rust color): Mars is just a little more than half the size of Earth. Mars is the 4th planet from the Sun in our solar system, after the Earth.  Mars is the 2nd smallest planet (after Mercury).  After Venus (Shukr), Mars is relatively visible to the naked eye in a clear night sky. Mars takes 687 days (Earth days) to make one complete revolution around the Sun (i.e. ~1.9 years). Venus and Mars are the closest planets to Earth, depending time-to-time, orbit trajectory, but more often (average) Venus.

Missions to Mars have been conducted. Such as, Mangalyaan by ISRO – Indian Space Research Organization (launched 2013), others by NASA, ESA (European Space Agency), Russian space agency.

Basic characteristics of Mars (Mangal) in Astrology: Mars is related to younger brother, hard work, energy, security, defense (regarded God of War), anger-aggression, desire, blood, land, residential-commercial etc plot, action, survival, vigor etc. Mars rules the Rashis – Aries (Meesh) and Scorpio (Vrischika), and is dominant-home to Houses 5th and 8th (reference Janam Kundli, Natal/Birth Chart). It determines in prediction in many Astrology aspects like behavior, nature, warning, nature of suitable work etc. Indian deities associated with Mars are God Karttikeya and Lord Hanuman. 

‘Tuesday’ relates to Hindi Mangalvaar, the week day of Mars (Mangal). Even in English, Tuesday is developed over time after the day of Tiw/ Tyr (Deity in Norse mythology), Tiw’s day (sounding Tuesday).  In Greek and Latin, Tuesday relates to Mars. Mars is friends with the Sun (Surya), Earth’s moon (Chandra) and Jupiter (Brahaspati); and is opponent-enemies with Mercury (Budh).

The schedule of Mars (Mangal)’s transit for 2018 is—


Libra (Tula) to Scorpio (Vrischika) - 17th of January 2018 (0534h)                  No. of Days -   ~49 Mars in Scorpio

Scorpio (Vrischika) to Sagittarius (Dhanu) – 7th of March 2018 (1853h)      No. of Days -   ~46 Mars in Sagittarius

Sagittarius (Dhanu) to Capricorn (Makar) – 2nd of May 2018 (1649h)          No. of Days - ~157 Mars in Capricorn

Capricorn (Makar) to Aquarius (Kumbh) – 6th of November 2018                (0849h) No. of Days -   ~47 Mars in Aquarius         

Aquarius (Kumbh) to Pisces (Meena) – 23rd December 2018 (1320h)        No. of Days -   ~45 Mars in Pisces (2019)

What does Mars presence (degree) in each Rashi (horoscopic zodiac sign) mean to the natives? If a person has a strong Mars in his Janam Kundali, then above mentioned aspects of Mars could reflect in the person. There are benefic and malefic effects of each planet. 

To check for Mars and other aspects and celestial bodies status in your Janam Kundali (Natal/Birth chart), for prediction, Mangal Dosha (Vedic Astrology) etc,

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