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Lord Shiva 108 Names with Meaning

Lord Shiva 108 Names with Meaning


1.    Shiva:  always pure

2.    Maheshwara: lord of gods

3.    Shambhu: one who bestows prosperity

4.    Pinakin: one who has a bow in his hand

5.    Shashi Shekhara: the god who wears the crescent moon in his hair

6.    Vamadeva: the god who is pleasing and auspicious in every way

7.    Virupaksha: lord shiva with oblique eyes

8.    Kapardi: the lord with thickly matted hair

9.    Nilalohita: the one with red and blue colour

10.    Shankara: one who gives happiness and prosperity

11.    Shulapani: the one who carries a trident

12.    Khatvangi: the god who carries a knurled club (khatvanga)

13.    Vishnuvallabha: the one who is dear to lord vishnu

14.    Shipivishta: the lord whose form emits great rays of light

15.    Ambikanatha: consort of ambika (parvati)

16.    Shrikantha: of glorious neck

17.    Bhaktavatsala: the one who is favourably inclined towards his devotees

18.    Bhava: the god who is existence itself

19.    Sharva: remover of all troubles

20.    Trilokesha: the lord of all the three worlds

21.    Shitikantha: the lord who has white neck

22.    Shivapriya: beloved of parvati

23.    Ugra: the one who has extremely fierce nature

24.    Kapali: one who wears a necklace of skulls

25.    Kamari: enemy of kamadeva

26.    Andhakasura sudana: the lord who killed the asura andhaka

27.    Gangadhara: the god who holds the ganges river in his hair

28.    Lalataksha: one who has an eye in the forehead

29.    Kalakala: he is the death of death

30.    Kripanidhi: the god who is the treasure of compassion

31.    Bheema: the one who has fearful form

32.    Parshuhasta: the god who holds axe in hands

33.    Mrigpaani: the god who possess deer in hands

34.    Jattadhar: the god who keeps tress (jata)

35.    Kailashavasi: native of kailasha

36.    Kawachi: the god who possess armour

37.    Kathor: the god who has a strong body

38.    Tripurantak : the god who killed tripurasura

39.    Vrishanka: the god who has a flag with a symbol of bull

40.    Vrishbharudh: the one who rides bull

41.    Bhasmodhulitavigrah: the one who applies ashes all over the body

42.    Samapriya: the one who loves with equality

43.    Swaramayi: the god who lives in all seven notes

44.    Trayimurti: the one who possess veda form

45.    Anishvara: the one who does not have any lord

46.    Sarvagya: the one who knows everything

47.    Paramatma: everyone's own soul

48.    Somasuryaagnilochana:  the one who has eyes in the form of sun, moon and fire

49.    Havi: he who is wealthy in the form of ahuti

50.    Yagyamaya: the architect of all sacrificial rites

51.    Soma: the one who includes the form of uma

52.    Panchavaktra: god of the five activities

53.    Sadashiva: the one who is eternally auspicious

54.    Vishveshwara:  lord of the universe

55.    Veerabhadra: who is violent , yet peaceful

56.    Gananatha: god of the ganas

57.    Prajapati: the one who is the creator of dynasty

58.    Hiranyareta: the one who emanates golden souls

59.    Durdharsha: the one who is unconquerable

60.    Girisha: lord of mountains

61.    Girisha: the god who sleeps on kailash mountain

62.    Anagha: he who is pure

63.    Bujangabhushana: lord adorned with golden snakes

64.    Bharga: lord who ends all sins

65.    Giridhanva: god whose weapon is a mountain

66.    Giripriya: lord who is fond of mountains

67.    Krittivasaa: god who wears clothes of elephant skin

68.    Purarati: destroyer of town or "pur" named enemy

69.    Bhagwaan: god of prosperity

70.    Pramathadhipa: god who is served by goblins

71.    Mrityunjaya: victor of death

72.    Sukshamatanu: god who has a subtle body

73.    Jagadvyapi: god who lives in the world

74.    Jagadguru: guru of all the worlds

75.    Vyomakesha: whose hair spreads in the sky

76.    Mahasenajanaka: father of kartikya

77.    Charuvikrama: the guardian of wandering pilgrims

78.    Rudra: the one who gets sad by the pain of devotees

79.    Bhootapati: lord of panchabhoota or bhootapreta

80.    Sthanu: firm and immovable deity

81.    Ahirbhudhanya: the one who possess kundalini

82.    Digambara: the god whose robes is the cosmos

83.    Ashtamurti: lord who has eight forms

84.    Anekatma: the god who possess many forms

85.    Satvika: lord of boundless energy

86.    Shuddhavigraha: lord of pure soul

87.    Shashvata: lord who is eternal and endless

88.    Khandaparshu: lord who wears broken axe

89.    Aja: the one who is boundless

90.    Pashvimochana: lord who releases all fetters

91.    Mrida: the lord who shows only mercy

92.    Pashupati: lord of animals

93.    Deva: lord of devas

94.    Mahadeva: greatest of the gods

95.    Avayaya: the one who never subject to change

96.    Hari: same as lord vishnu

97.    Bhagnetrabhid: the lord who damaged bhaga's eye

98.    Avayayat: shiva who is unseen

99.    Dakshadhwarahara: destroyer of daksha's conceited sacrifice (yagya)

100.    Har: the lord who dissolves all bondage and sins

101.    Pushadantabhit: one who punished pushan

102.    Avyagra: lord who is steady and unwavering

103.    Sahsraksha: one who has limitless forms

104.    Sahasrapada: the lord who is standing and walking everywhere

105.    Apavargaprada: lord who gives and takes all things

106.    Ananta: the one who is unending

107.    Taraka: the lord who is great liberator of mankind

108.    Parameshwara: the great god

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