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Looking for a One-Stop Solution in a disturbed Married Life?

Looking for a One-Stop Solution in a disturbed Married Life? 

A married-life can be taken as the 2nd half in a life span for all - males and especially females. For most - the life equation, relationships, routine, priorities, expectations, financial liabilities, responsibilities, mentality, physical attributes, patience-tolerance level etc. change after marriage.

There are many causes for a troubled married life. Such as, higher expectations, male or female dominance, time constraints, lower trust level, infidelity-disloyalty, cheating suspect, past experience-interference, child birth issues, parents and in-laws interference-obstruction, impotency, health reasons, lack of communication, different thought processes, dowry, psyche, siblings prying, misunderstanding, community-background issues, technology interference (particularly mobile phones), legal and importantly horoscope mismatch.

There are a set of common, minimum and basic expectations between a husband-wife in a marriage, like trust, respect and value for each others’ psyche-mind. However, there are a few expectations and aspects that can vary, that can be husband (male) specific and wife (female) specific. A husband normally gets suspicious and at times notorious if he sees his wife talking to another male, even if it is normal relationship like her office colleague or a relative. A few wives often expect their husbands to spend time, take out for shopping like Black Friday type or e-commerce type deals, especially in festive season etc. Jealously and comparison can also prove dangerous. disturbed Married Life

In the world renowned Asto-Scientist  ji’s website, it is stated that husband and wife are two wheels of a vehicle called ‘life’. If one of the wheels is defective, then the journey of the vehicle (life) stops. In marriage, one has to at times ignore eccentricities of particular moments. Famous, one of the Founding Fathers of the US Benjamin Franklin once said:”Keep your eyes open before marriage, half shut afterwards”.

 ji has offered to help here, to provide solutions, “Upays”, remedies and cures in-depth. These are simple, efficient, affordable and result oriented steps. Some of the features offered are:

● Janam Kundali and explanation of planets, moon etc. positioning and its meaning and implications

● Lifetime prediction ● Current Mahadasha ● Upays (remedies) over time

● Shubh/ Ashubh planets (favorable/unfavorable planets) ● Mukhadasha and Varshfal

● Problems probe and their solutions, confidential and private consultancy

● Color of clothes that need to be worn etc.


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