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Kala Ashtami (Kalashtami) – 8 January 2018

Kala Ashtami (Kalashtami) – 8 January 2018

Kala Ashtami falls on the 8th of January 2018, Monday, according to the Hindu calendar.

Kala Ashtami (also spelt Kalashtami) is a holy Hindu monthly event, like festival. ‘Kala’ (sometimes simply ‘Kal’) means time. ‘Ashtami’ means the day 8th (Tithi) after full moon or after new moon. The dates and times are well elaborated in the Hindu calendar, of the year. It is observed every month during ‘Ashtami Tithi’ at Krishna Paksha. ‘Tithi’ means the lunar day. ‘Paksha’ means fortnight.   

Kala Ashtami is observed in India, Nepal and parts of Sri Lanka. It is followed by Hindus, Jains and Buddhists.

The idols of Lord Bhairav are found in temples, holy places etc across India and Nepal. The idol is depicted with big eyes, fierce-furious appearance, larger teeth, ornaments, 4 hands - with weapon, noose, drum and skull. His idol and images are often seen as accompanied by a dog. 

Kala Ashtami observation involves Vrath (fasting) and worshiping of Lord Bhairav (also called Kala Bhairav). The name Bhairav comes from the word Bhiru. Bhiru means fearful, destruction. He is said to be the ruler of TIME in the universe. Lord Bhairav is an Indian deity (like God or legend). He is associated with Lord Shiva. It is believed that Lord Shiva created Lord Bhairav. Lord Bhairav is a symbol to remove all troubles-problems in life.

The Gayatri Mantra to be chanted in mind or verbally, in concentration (like meditation) and non-stop (108 times) is: 

ॐ कालाकालाय विधमहे, कालाअथीथाया धीमहि, तन्नो काल भैरवा प्रचोदयात ll

Om Kalakaalaaya Vidhmey, kaalakaalaaya dheemahi, Thanno Kala Bhairava prachodhayaath.

What does Kala Ashtami mean to people broadly in the modern day? Most of the natives are engrossed in their daily  life activities, such as, work, travel, meet work deadlines-pressures, relationships management, social obligations, children, parents, financials etc. Spirituality, religiousness, meditation, Yoga, re-cap, rejuvenation etc, are at bare minimum with most of the people, nowadays. Therefore, it is important to bring about general awareness of minimum time-out, prayer etc. Lord Kala Bhairav himself is the symbol of TIME MANAGEMENT and control of time. Reciting the above mantra not only brings peace to mind, but also is a reminder to ourselves to manage and value the time itself.

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