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Is there any role or effect of asteroids in Astrology and humans?

To date, Astrology and other lines of overlapping and related occupations (or part of Astrology) and areas of study, like Palmistry, Gemology etc., have regarded basically the main celestial bodies - the sun, the moon and the 9 planets in horoscope, and its effect on humans, in predictions, remedies, cures etc.  However, sometime or the other, when we gaze into the clear night sky even by the naked-eye, we see shooting stars, satellites, comets, meteors and some minor movements and flashes, especially in no moon-lit nights and away from the polluted metros for a clear night sky vision, especially in the mountainous regions. Just a fraction of these could be asteroids.  These were perhaps not regarded, ignored and given no weight-age in ancient times and even more later Vedic and Hellenistic astrology in determining the horoscope. However, former planets Ceres, Pallas Athene, Juno and Vesta were taken as planets (during 1808 and 1845). Conversely, they were later regarded as asteroids, may be due to non-characteristics/traits and features of a planet.

An asteroid named 22 Kalliope, and orbited by a small moon, was discovered on this day, the 16th of November (in 1852).  Asteroids are at times referred as minor planets too. The celestial bodies - the sun, the moon, the 9 planets, are strong enough and closest to our planet Earth in the space; hence, the immediate affect on us humans. Any other space object, like asteroid would have only a miniscule effect if at all no effect on horoscopes and considered insignificant, also as they rarely emerge in a very long time like decades, centuries, millennia etc. 


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