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International Yoga Day - 21 June - Astrology and Yoga

When the International Day of Yoga or Yoga Day is celebrated every year?

The Gregorian date of the 21st of June every year is observed as the International Day of Yoga, also popularly known as the Yoga Day.  


Where is Yoga or the International Day of Yoga or Yoga Day observed?

Though the origin of Yoga is from the Indian peninsula and seen being practiced here including in Nepal and Tibet from the historical times, in the modern-day Yoga is recognized and practiced in many parts and countries of the world. The International Day of Yoga or Yoga Day is observed in many parts of the world, especially since its recognition as the Yoga Day in 2015. The Yoga Day and the value of Yoga are marked by many global natives irrespective of their background, religion, social status etc.

To mention a few countries other than the Indian region, where Yoga is practiced remotely or widely, are the US, Canada, the UK and some other European countries, Thailand, Australia, Fiji, Mauritius, Costa Rica, Bali, Indonesia, Singapore etc. Some of the modern-day gyms and sports centers include the practice of Yoga as part of their physical-mental balance agenda.          


What is the origin of the International Day of Yoga or the Yoga Day?

Globally, the International Day of Yoga or simply Yoga Day started in 2015. The recommendation of a day to be observed as the International Day of Yoga or the Yoga Day was determined and set by the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and the UN. The day of Yoga Day was set as the 21st of June by the UN. The draft for the introduction of International Day of Yoga was passed in the UNGA, United Nations General Assembly, in the end of 2014; though Yoga was known from much before. Swami Vivekananda introduced Yoga in America and Europe in the 1890ies. Yoga has been part of the ancient tradition of the Indian peninsula.


Are Yoga and Astrology linked to each other in any way?

The Indian peninsula from the ancient times is known for its Astrology, Yoga, Ayurveda, old Sanskrit scriptures, Vedic texts, research, languages, spirituality, meditation etc. The Indian language Tamil is regarded as the oldest language in the world. The Indian peninsula is also the origin of many religions, such as Jainism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism etc. In one way or another, some of these entities are linked to each other, for example, performing Yoga could be an advised health remedy according to an Astrology horoscope birth chart, Janam Kundli reading-interpretation of a native. 

Yoga is beneficial for both, mental and physical wellness and fitness. Another example is that in Astrology, each planet, sign etc is associated with certain body parts. Astrology helps in health prediction of any native. Basis the Astrology finding of any health issue with a native, the appropriate Yoga asana-exercises favorable for the body part or health ailment can be done from the plethora of Yoga Shastra discipline, exercises, concentration, asanas-positions, etc. 


A Mantra for Lord Shiva is -

(According to a legend, Lord Shiva is regarded as the Father of Yoga)

                        Om Namah Shivaay

                        ॐ नमः शिवाय 

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