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The Importance of the World Environment Day - 5 June 2019

What is the basic background of the World Environment Day?

The World Environment Day is increasingly gaining grave importance as the world faces the threat of pollution, depletion, population issue etc on the environment in the current times. There are concerns for all - air, land, and water pollution. Such environmental issues are a threat to the future of the Earth and its inhabitants. The start of marking of World Environment Day can be prominently traced back to 2005, but the UN’s environment protection and conservation initiatives started much before, as early as 1974.


When is the World Environment day celebrated globally?

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on the 5th of June. The main purpose of marking the World Environment Day is to spread the awareness of the environment protection, controlling pollution etc, globally, The United Nations that designated the 5th of June as the World Environment Day.


Who observes World Environment Day?

Though the United Nations is regarded as the main promoter or encourager of the World Environment Day theme, many organizations in the world, in different countries, such as NGOs, Government institutes, educational centers, communities, and even some private sector companies etc participate in marking the World Environment Day. Many schools or college students perform World Environment Day themes. 


Some of the World Environment Day promotion ways:

• Plantation of trees, plants etc

• Conservation of forests, national parks, river systems etc

• Use of non-polluting electric vehicles, encouraging cycles etc

• More use of public transport, car polls etc

• Construction of green buildings, avoiding tree felling etc

• Rainwater harvesting, monsoon water storage etc

• Control of climate change

• Banning or minimizing plastic related items like plastic bags

• Use of solar energy, solar panels etc

• Efficient waste management systems

• Controlling agricultural produce wastage 

• Use of renewable energy, green technologies, green cities etc

• Population control 


How can you play a role in World Environment Day?

Every native on Earth should do something like a step for some betterment of the environment, especially on the occasion of the World Environment Day; for example, if every individual plants a tree sapling or sponsors a tree plantation, it can make a collective positive impact on the environment. India’s population is 1.3 billion, approximately 18% of the world population. The global population is 7.7 billion. 


We wish every living and future Earth native good mental-physical health, a healthy environment, free of population. 

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