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Importance of Birth Date and Place in Astrology

Vedic Astrology, since the ages there has been a belief which later on was proven scientifically as through the medium of Astrology. We are born with specific date and time that define our individuality amongst the rest. At the time of our birth either Moon flourishes its rays on us if it is night or sun shines over us to bloom our presence.

Such elements and planets govern our birth which is analyzed with respect to time, birth place and the positioning of planets.

Birth location as well as accuracy birth time is priority required to calculate the called houses or "bhavas" in Hindu or Vedic astrology. 

Houses are symbolic parts or divisions of the ecliptic plane. Each house is slackly associated with the symbolism of the equivalent zodiac. 

It's worth mentioning that no "rays", planetary forces or physical type of phenomena of any kind are involved here to derive it, houses - just like any other component of astrology are purely representative, and are based on analogical thoughts, all phases and facets of reality are connected, and by observing one we can make deductions about another.


Why to believe in positioning of planet and birth time?

If you keep away astrology also there are many expert psychologists too, who agree to the fact that many twins born with even a minute time difference have huge differences in their personalities and traits. This is why the time of birth of a person is said to be of vital importance to calculate accurate calculations and prediction for following. The general agreement among the masses of Vedic astrologers is that predictions cannot be made without the person’s time of birth, maybe not till the exact minute of their birth, but least till an approximate 5-10 minutes.


What if you don’t have the exact birth time?

In that case it will be a difficult one if you don’t have the exact birth time and birth place because to enumerate the accuracy in midheaven and positioning of planets would be tough.

Houses are very widely used; their accuracy, significance and obligation remain controversial, due to their semi-arbitrary and often complicated nature.

Some branches of astrology don't operate houses at all, and therefore don't need birth location and accurate birth time for their charts.

From mentioning the above, it is understood that time can be an affective pattern that the two most influencing factors in a Kundali, and they are the ascendant and Midheaven. The location also has a powerful effect on these two characteristic. The minute error in the latitude affects the ascendants and the house. An error of about half a degree in the ascendant while the calculation is caused because of one-degree error in latitude. Similarly, a mistake in longitude will source an error of 4 minutes in the birth time. These errors can affect your birth chart greatly.


Do we really need to believe that planets do affect us in various ways? 

Let us understand it is in easy way. We know there is energy present in any form around us. Plants, trees, even the hardest metal consist of resistive energy. The planets surrounding us penetrates energy which affects our energy in certain ways, E.g. We sometimes get negative energy out of places and environment and seek for the known ones to makes us content again. Similarly when planets seek such energy then astrology brings out the peace within us by telling how to maintain it.

There are a lot of ways that people tend to live in as a hope of enlightenment to guide them in life. Astrology is the pre-historic science which has been into our society to narrow down the lane of tough decisions and a lot of certain things that we need to know. The article is not just a bunch of research that can help you but the facts mentioned are scientifically proven to ease the way of living. Now you got to believe in science or narcissism also have a lot of drawbacks.

Consult any astrologer or Astro-scientist to avail the truth and knowledge of how and why it’s affective in our life.

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