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How transit of Saturn in 2020 will affect Gemini?

Gemini is governed by the planet Mercury. Mercury is said to be the planet of wisdom, intellect, knowledge and siblings. The relationship between Mercury and Saturn is somewhat friendly and hence, Saturn influences the acumen or judgment of the Gemini moon sign. Ashlesha, Jyeshtha, and Revati Nakshatras are ruled by Mercury. For the Gemini moon sign, Saturn rules over the Eighth House (Age, unanticipated Gains, Increase in Ancestral Properties, Karma of previous life) and the Ninth House (Fortune house). During the time of 2020, Saturn will be transiting in the zodiac sign of Capricorn on 24th January 2020 and will be staying there till the starting months of the 2022 year. It will stay in the Capricorn sign for another two and a half years.

Saturn is a firm taskmaster and takes around 30 years to cross over all the zodiac signs in a horoscope. Saturn is known to give a person a disciplined and well-organized life for which one needs to learn the value of hard work and self-effort. The Saturn transit will stay in Capricorn for two and a half years. Saturn will also be moving in a retrograde motion 11th May to 29th September 2020.

On 24th January 2020, Saturn will be posited in the Eighth House (Age House, unanticipated Gains, and Profits in Ancestral Property, Karma, long-drawn-out Diseases, and Debt). Therefore during 2020, all the aspects connected to the Eighth House will be manifested by Saturn.

What are the Effects of transit of Saturn 2020 for Career, Work and Society?

 Saturn is influencing the Tenth House (House of Career) with its Third Aspect which looks after the career of the Gemini moon sign. 

 Gemini person, work and appreciation for the same will have a huge gap between them. 

 Even hard work will not be able to match up with the results or output that you might get from them.

 Just in case if Gemini has any important planet in the Revati Nakshatra or the Tenth House (Career House) then the efforts of Saturn will be stronger and it may also make you relocate to a new work location away from home.

 The Gemini moon sign has to work with patience and perseverance as the Saturn transit will last for two and a half years while waiting for the good results and appreciation for the same to reflect for a longer duration of time.


What are Effects of Saturn Transit 2020 for Finance, Health and Family?

 The Saturn will be placed in the Eighth House (Age House, unanticipated Gains, Profits in Ancestral Properties, Karma) and will aspect the Second House (Wealth House). 

 This is the Seventh aspect of Saturn which indicates that your communication skills will decide your overall destiny.

 There are strong chances that you may become reserved or secretive during this transit of Saturn in the Eighth House.

 Just in case that any important planet is placed in the Second House (Wealth House) of Gemini’s natal chart or personal horoscope. 

 The effect of Saturn may become important and to know which planet is sitting in the Second House (Wealth House) to make Saturn transit favorable for Gemini please click here.

 Saturn in the Eighth House stands for unknown diseases. 

 There are high possibilities that you may have some health-related issues, especially in your lower body.

 You may also suffer from other health problems such as those related to nose, throat or speech.


What are Effects of Saturn Transit 2020 on Love and fame?

 As Saturn is placed in the Eighth House (Age House, unanticipated Gains, Profits in Ancestral Properties, Karma) and will be influencing the Fifth House (Intelligence House, Education, Love, and Profits).

 Follow the discipline path to prevent all the malefic effects. 

 So better be prepared to follow a disciplined life as you have to be aware of who is watching on you.

 Saturn is a hard way for people to learn from it as it is extremely disciplined and well-organized as a planet. 

 You need to follow remedies of Sun through 2020 as Saturn is transiting through the Nakshatra of Sun

 Working people may feel unappreciated at work by their seniors and boss. You need to be really patient and keep working hard for the coming two and a half years and be assured. 

 You will get a good reward or return for your hard work as Saturn is known to delay the results of hard work but never denies what you deserve.


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