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How is Lal Kitaab linked to Astrology and Life?

There are a few different types of Astrologies in the world that have evolved from the ancient times; like, the ancient Vedic (Hindu) Astrology, Chinese Astrology, Western Astrology, Babylonian Astrology (4th century BC), Mundane Astrology etc. Amongst the prominent ones (accepted and used more commonly) are Vedic (Hindu) and the Western Astrology. Both, Vedic and Western Astrology have a lot of resemblance, such as, Rashis (sun ~ zodiac-signs), using of Ketu, Rahu, birth chart and other systems and many other aspects. At the outset, both their main framework appear to be quite similar-overlapping. These are then correlated to the modern day explanation and analysis in aspects like individuals’ lives, elections, political, travel, marriage, love, career, health, wealth, family, relationships etc. Both these are mainly resultant basis the movement of the celestial bodies (like the sun, moon, planets etc). Both take mainly a person’s birth chart (also called Natal horoscopic chart), his/her specific date-time-place of birth as the key and base. 

Chinese Astrology differs a little from all other in the aspect that it predominantly uses animal icons-significations like the dog, rabbit etc and elements like earth, wood, metal etc.

As indicated above, each of these have their particular ways, means, etc of determining the natives’ traits, behavioral pattern, tendencies, preferred-ideal-suitable profession, most perfect love-marriage partners, past, present and future etc. Vedic Astrology is arguably considered the oldest (with the Chinese) that date back to thousands of years. 

Vedic Astrology (also referred as Jyotish and Hindu Astrology), is derived from the ancient Sanskrit texts and literature. In India, there is formal education, degrees and profession/occupation on it and is in the curriculum of many colleges and universities. In many children-schools in India, Sanskrit is compulsory as a separate language subject.  It is taught by spiritual Gurus like Gurudev GD Vashist ji.

Lal Kitab (literally red book) is a branch of Vedic Astrology. Lal Kitab is the compilation of holy spiritual text from 5 books on the Hindu Astrology. It is however said to be written much later in the 19th century. It refers to Palmistry as well. Palmistry itself is believed to have begun in India around 4,500 years ago. The main purpose and aim of the Lal Kitab is to provide cure, remedy and ‘Upays’ to the countless multifaceted problems-challenges that humans and individuals face in their daily lives, to circumvent dangers, to make things-happenings-events favorable etc. It could be child birth, health, education, wealth, property, job-business-profession-career, love-marriage, parents, relationships, growth, peace, harmony, old-age, peaceful exit-death related etc.

There is no particular author of Lal Kitab. However, Pandit Roop Chand Joshi is said to be one of the pioneers. Gurudev GD Vashist ji has pioneered the Lal Kitab Amrit. Apparently, both, of them have roots in Punjab. 

Some of the cures, remedies and ‘Upays’ of the Lal Kitaab are very peculiar and different; though many have proved its significance, and the scientific angle and meaning of it. Some examples, are like throwing coins in water (particularly flowing river), offering meals to single (mostly young) girls, nourishing and providing food for dogs (sometimes black dogs), chanting-repeating Mantras, feeding Jwar (like seeds) to cow etc.

It is done primarily to please the specific planets at specific times-periods, especially the malefic and specific that are causing hindrance, planetary transits, especially in negative conjunction, in various horoscopic Houses in aspects like health, wealth, growth, child birth etc (as mentioned briefly above). It is to bring positive change, light (‘Jyot’ part of Jyotish), provide solutions and cures. There are different remedies for different planets from time-to-time. It reduces the ill effect of particular aspect or planet. Most ‘Upays’ are Janam Kundali (birth chart) specific. Vashaphal, Rashiphal and Grahphal are also referred for planets, some are fixed, some exalted and some debilitated.

For any further information, consultation, horoscopic issues, making and interpretation of Janam Kundali, please fill the form for a contact with us and/or call back. An appointment with renowned Astro-Scientist Gurudev GD Vashist ji is also possible.

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