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How Celestial bodies’ Movement is related to your Future?

Every moment (in day, week, month, year etc.) is different for each of us in our respective entire life span. So is the positioning of the celestial bodies in space, such as, the planets, the sun, the moon – they constantly keep changing/evolving their positions/placement/movement in the space from time-to-time. These movements affect aspects of events, happenings, evil, good etc. related to various facets’ well-being or hindrances/ ill fate/obstacles like in marriage, career, children, parents, health, mental status, fears/danger, decision-making etc., different in life of every person. 

When every human/soul is born, s/he is determined by the date/time/place of birth and the person is universally unique and one of a kind. The positioning of the celestial bodies in that moment in time and place, determine and cast a person’s characteristics, tendencies, favorability, hindrances, occurrences, happenings etc. in life. Astrologers have linked it to 12 houses, i.e., horoscope / zodiac is divided into 12 houses. 

Below is the representation of the horoscopic traditions of astrology –

House 1 -  Relates to - (Core house) Your looks, physical appearance, first impressions, your approach/behavior

House 2 -  Relates to - Wealth, profession, affluence, values, daily activities and environment

House 3 -  Relates to – Communication/conversing, brothers-sisters, neighbors, colleagues, friends, community

House 4 -  Relates to – Home-family, background/roots, emotional standing/establishment

House 5 -  Relates to – Romance, love compatibility, play, self articulation, imagination

House 6 -  Relates to – Health, fitness/physical, organization, acts of service

House 7 -  Relates to – Relationships, partnerships, mutuality/affinity, sharing/caring

House 8 -  Relates to – Intimacy, sex, bonding, shared money and assets/property

House 9 -  Relates to – Travel/tourism, study, higher learning, morals/ethics

House 10 -Relates to – Career, profession, goals, fame, success, achievements, public image

House 11 -Relates to – Groups, friends, social causes, society

House 12 -Relates to – Endings/ final exit, healing/remedial, closure, spirituality 

The 12 zodiac signs/horoscope in astrology, classificstion/names being – Aquarius  , Pisces  , Aries  , Taurus  , Gemini  , Cancer  , Leo  , Virgo  , Libra  , Scorpio  , Sagittarius  and Capricorn  . Each celestial body has a different impact / outcome/result on each of the above house at different moments in time. Please note that each sign has its own SWOT.


Water signs →

Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio         Houses: 4th, 8th and 12th                                                Traits like - sensitive, emotional, intimate, imaginative, dreamy, impulsive, spontaneous, illusion, inspiration etc.

Fire signs →

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Houses: 1st, 5th and 9th Traits like - passionate, dynamic, larger than life, hope, unpredictable, enthusiastic self-motivated, law etc.  

Earth signs →

Taurus, Virgo,Capricorn  Houses: 2nd, 6th and 10th Traits like - simple/grounded, realistic, bit emotional, dependable/trustworthy, pragmatic etc.  

Air signs   

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius  Houses: 3rd, 7th and 11th  Traits like - social, lucid, loving, balanced, intellectual, smart thinkers, logical etc.  

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