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How Astrology helps in Child Birth?

How Astrology helps in Child Birth?

Astrology delves to predict the scope of a baby to any couple in a lifetime. It is through the alignment, positioning-placement, favorability of certain planets, like, Venus and Jupiter being present in a house (of couple’s horoscope) or when Mars aspects 5th house, role of Saturn, status of key houses like the 1st, 5th and 9th, shubh - ashubh (favorable-auspicious and unfavorable) planets, current Mahadasha etc., that helps and assures a couple with relevant horoscopic data-information about child bearing. It is specific to female, male + both their Janam Kundalis (birth charts). The couple’s malefic and benefic aspects of horoscope need to be assessed. Astrology can also indicate when it is the most positive and likelihood to conceive or appropriate conditions to have reward of a baby.  You may want to try a free online prediction towards checking this aspect.

Couples need to get both their Janam Kundalis checked and correctly interpreted through professional best Astrologers. Couples normally do this check when they exhaust other sources, such as, Gynecologist appointments, advanced medical treatments, test tube baby considerations, surrogate babies, embryo transfer, optimal timing of ovulation (in-between 13 – 20 days), best age (after age 35 – females’ chances reduce), labor complications, the right food-nutrition, routine, socio-economic consequences, work-personal life balance, medical history, relationship equation etc. Per Hindu Vedic Astrology, Garbhadhan (Sanskrit word) tips prove useful. Astrology helps here in cures, remedies and ‘Upays’.

Certain countries encourage, support and provide all assistance to couples-families in child birth. Many countries do this to enhance population growth, like, relatively low density countries like Norway, Sweden, Finland, Japan, Austria, Estonia. Japan faces the old age population imbalance. However, some countries like China have had a one child policy.

In India (quite unlike the West and rest of the world), typically families and especially couples’ parents (in many cases girl’s in-laws) want early child birth after marriage, e.g., around age 25 – 29. Though, and however, the trend is changing (especially in big metro cities) as a high percentage of marriages are taking place late (e.g. late twenties or early-mid 30ies); therefore delay in progeny. Also, refer for the holy book Lal Kitaab Amrit for texts on child birth favorability.

After pregnancy, success and care-taking healthy lapse of nine months, comes the right date-time of delivery. As we know a life-span of any person is determined by his/her date-time-place of birth (natal/birth horoscope), it is worth actually timing the birth of a child, as far as possible. Astrology consultation assists here. To check the most favorable timing, you may consult us at T +91 – 124 – 6674667, E info@yesicanchange.com, or an appointment with renowned Astro-Scientist Gurudev GD Vashist Ji is possible at our address: 507, Udyog Vihar, Phase – III, Gurugram (Gurgaon) India

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