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How Astrology assists in Profession?

How Astrology assists in Profession

Professionally, we work hard, we struggle, are well qualified, trained, experienced, guided by Management-Masters-Gurus, have references, maintain office relations, are suitable for foreign postings, deserve salary hike-bonuses, meet targets at work etc., YET success and reward are at times hindered over time. We fail to understand and determine the blockages to achieve success that we well deserve, meet the criteria and qualify for. Things appear to be out of our hand, control and purview. A common person would say:”Your stars are unfavorable at this time”! 

 For many of us, we realize quite late in life that the profession chosen was wrong and not suitable for the particular individual himself/herself. The career path needs guidance based on a person’s character, behavior, traits, temperament, nature, psyche etc. A famous Chinese Philosopher Confucius quoted: “Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance”. Just attaining knowledge, being qualified, especially today in the modern times, is not good enough. We must know about our weaknesses as well, do a SWOT analysis from time-to-time. And we must influence our strengths, opportunities that often come unaware. And we must thank God for our strengths, abilities. Like the way it is celebrated in the US – Thanksgiving Day, each year for the blessings of the harvest [reward] (a religious and cultural celebration) and Chaat Puja in Bihar.

 Astrology comes into its role here. It searches for solutions, remedies, “Upaay”, direction and cures at these times, situations and moments. There is a need to probe, research, consult and predict on facts. The foremost step would be to get a Janam Kundali (birth/ natal horoscopic chart) made. Leveraging the celestial bodies, its placement, positioning etc., that is determined by a person’s date/time/place of birth, Astrology helps in career development, mitigates business related problems, moderates financial problems, advices optimal timing for job change and so forth.  Some of the works and references are in the holy book Lal Kitaab Amrit.

 GuruDev G.D. Vashist  ji has offered to help here, to provide solutions, “Upays”, remedies and cures in-depth. These are simple, efficient, affordable and result oriented steps. Some of the features offered are:

 ● Janam Kundali and explanation of planets, moon etc. positioning and its meaning and implications

● Lifetime prediction ● Current Mahadasha ● Upays (remedies) over time

● Shubh/ Ashubh planets (favorable/unfavorable planets) ● Mukhadasha and Varshfal

● Problems probe and their solutions, confidential and private consultancy

● Color of clothes that need to be worn etc.

 There are different ways you can reach GuruDev ji and us. Below are our contact details:

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